Can’t get enough Ginger

After my Plantain success a few weekends ago I moved onto Ginger. And since Ginger was so easy and flattered my figure I couldn’t stop…and I made two in the same week.

Ginger is exactly as described “This simple and pretty a-line skirt with high waistband will be a new wardrobe staple. Quick to sew, flattering to wear…”.  You nailed it Colette.  This may be the most flattering thing I own and I made it…and it didn’t require one smidgen of adjustments to the pattern. For both skirts I did View 3 (but didn’t cut on the bias due to fabric limitations).  Although the other two views have minor differences to the waist band and are cute, I will likely never use them because I feel like there is about 2 inches between my waist and my boobs so the thin waist band choice was a must.
Ginger Skirt DSC_2599.jpg
For the first one I used a leftover corduroy print fabric I had from a skirt I made for Syd over 2 years ago. I barely had enough to eek out this skirt as my muslin.  If had more fabric I would’ve done a better job of matching up the pattern on the front seam.
Ginger Skirt DSC_2609.jpg
I made a size 6 based on my waist measurement (my 39 inch hip put me at a size 8). Since the finished garment measurements for the hip were not listed on the pattern I just had to test out the size 6 and see how it fit me around the hip for the first round.

Ginger Skirt

first try on

It ended up fitting so well…it was almost too good to be true. The first time I tried it on and zipped it up I gasped a little.
Ginger Skirt DSC_2563.jpg
The second one went together in 2 hours last Sunday afternoon when I decided I wanted a new skirt to wear for work that week. I cut, assembled and hemmed this beauty between the hours of 3-5 pm.
Ginger Skirt DSC_2578.jpg
The skirt consists of 4 pieces and a curved waistband. Unlike the Kelly skirt this waistband is curved and fitted (Kelly kinda sticks up on me since it is just a rectangle).  The closure is an invisible zipper in the back. Once I got past the spatial arrangement of the installation instructions…it went in like a breeze and I got to finally use the invisible zipper foot my mom bought for me when I was home last August!
Ginger Skirt DSC_2582.jpg
This fabric was one of my Mood finds when I was in NYC in October. Its a white velveteen, but pretty heavy weight, maybe even home-dec weight. The black pattern is a delicate little pattern that looks like teeny bird foot prints.  Pretty subtle, but versatile when it comes to top color coordination.
I knew I wanted to make a skirt out of this fabric I just couldn’t decide between Ginger or a Grainline Studio’s Moss Mini. Ginger won over practicality and the fact that I already had the pattern pieces on my cutting table. 🙂 Because of the fabric weight, the zipper didn’t go in perfectly due to all the bulk at the waistband, but it still looks pretty darn good.
Another #workday that went to hell in a hand basket...but at least I looked cute in my #handmade #gingerskirt. #colettepatterns #sewing #bernina
I wore it to work yesterday (and the corduroy one the week prior).  There is something fun about hearing a stranger mumble “great skirt” as you walk by them on your way to a meeting. Puts a little spring in your step knowing that yes indeed it is a great skirt…and I made it!

A corduroy Kelly

Kelly Skirt

Monday the girls daycare was open as a ‘favor’ since they have been closed so much this winter because of snow. Since I had the day off of work, I took the opportunity to clean up my sewing room from the off-season vacation summer dress sewing frenzy and I also cut out a Kelly Skirt. I got the pattern from my friend Katie who sent me a giant box of patterns to fiddle with while she was pregnant with her third. I have to say next to a dress I made for our trip this is probably my second favorite item I’ve made myself!

Kelly Skirt

The fabric is a gray stretch baby whale corduroy I picked up at Joanne for this exact project. I used a contrasting bias-tape seam binding on the pockets and side seams to prevent seam fraying and because it looks nice.


I had a wee bit of this colorful elephant fabric leftover from a top I made Ingrid which makes for a perfect pocket lining with a personal touch. I have to say these little details really make hand made items more fun and thoughtful than anything you can find store bought and is a big reason why I sew for myself and the girls.


Instead of buttons for the closures I used pearl snaps.  These things are tedious to put on…I’m not sure if its really easier than buttons and button holes, but I do know that snaps make taking off your clothes way more dramatic. If you don’t believe me, just ask Royce. 😉


The skirt is a simple high-waist a-line shape with pleats. It was super simple to put together, I started it Monday, worked a bit on it Tuesday after work and finished it this morning.  Of course the seam binding added a bit more time so if my next fabric isn’t so bulky I will do french seams to make things go along quicker.


I’m taking a spring trip to Paris in April so I wanted something fun and comfortable to pack along. I think this will fit my purposes perfectly as it is a relaxed flattering look that will compliment flats….or tights and rain boots (it will be spring after-all).

Kelly Skirt

I’m already planning to make a few more for this spring out of lighter fabric that will transition into summer.

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