Bye bye blue bathroom

Demolition of the spare bathroom (AKA the girls’ bathroom, AKA ‘Blue’) started when we were on vacation in the OBX.  Since 2006 when we bought the house we have been living with this blue lagoon of a bathroom.  Old Blue was horribly designed, sore on the eyes and that counter-top is seizure worthy no?


It’s all so…blue.

This is how it looked when we bought the house in 2006.  Cause blue tile is complemented so well with blue window coverings and blue shower curtains.


the theme here is…blue!

I’ve already lamented on the structural/functional hatred of this room but here are some of the aesthetic and design things I hated about this bathroom:

  • Must *everything* be blue?
  • The swirly groovy faux marble counter-top
  • The faucet was hard as hell to turn off and on for me much less Syd.
  • The tile would sometimes pop up in places
  • There was this strange section below the vanity right as you walked in that wasn’t tiled and there was no dry wall up…no idea why…maybe they ran out of supplies?
  • The cabinet hardware on the vanity would sometimes catch on Sydney’s shirt hem trapping her in place least she rip her shirt.
  • A linen closet that was 40% useless space due to oddly hung shelving.

It is safe to say this wasn’t the highlight room of our house.  I was glad to see it go…and when we returned from vacation the demo was done and new dry wall and a tub were in place.


in progress (and my thought process in counter top choosing).

The largest part of the project, as for any bathroom, is the tile. This time around…we went big. Bigger tile makes things look bigger and we needed all the help we could get. I love the choice. It’s funny to think we picked this tile out 2 weeks before I delivered Ingrid. The sales man probably thought we were crazy as our decision-making style is blunt and efficient. We are pros at this by now.


tile is pretty

A few weeks ago it become a functional bathroom for us after the shower plumbing was complete and the toilet went in.


kohler is pretty

I’m ecstatic with how this room turned out. The decisions we made on reconfiguration were worth the extra $$ spent.


floating vanity with room for a stool

The thoughtful functionality for children (floating vanity so a step stool can be kicked under, and variable height shower head), guests (lots of hooks for towels), and….someday teenage girls (lots of storage! and lots of outlets!) will hopefully be appreciated for years to come.


view as you enter

There are still a few finishing touches that need completed; that space on the vanity behind the shower will be pull out shelves, and there are some hooks that need to be drilled into the shower for hanging wash rags…and of course it still needs painted; but for now it’s a completely functional bathroom that is a huge improvement upon the old and it only took 3 weeks!

Since this is in-fact the tiniest room on earth it has been a challenge to get a decent picture of the space but hopefully you can make some sense with the photos on Flickr.

Why galley designs are bad

We have lived through galley kitchens in apartments and when house hunting I never once considered a house that had a galley kitchen. They are traps; plain and simple.  If one person wants to move another person has to move.  A one-ass kitchen so to speak. I never knew that galley bathrooms could be bad too until we had one.


old configuration

This bathroom never bothered me when it was just Royce and I.  But I’m not certain both of us were ever in the bathroom at the same time.

Enter kids into the equation and bath time was a literal circus of people trying to maneuver in that galley bathroom.  It got so bad when I was pregnant that there were times I wondered if I may get trapped and would have to be extracted via the window. There was something about the door placement, door knob and the counter top height that made wiggling out of the room nearly impossible during my last few months of pregnancy. And as you can see below if person B wanted to get out of the bathroom while person A was standing there…person B either had to ask for person A to exit the bathroom OR person B could walk into the tub, let person A shimmy down towards the toilet and then person B could exit. Fun huh? Try it while holding a wet toddler and a newborn.


old configuration: maneuvering

I knew this room could be better if the lay-out was reconsidered so I brought my friend Megan in who is an architect. She came up with a few designs and after some thought we decided on the one below to be the best (orient yourself by the window and door…those didn’t move but the door does open in a different direction)


new lay-out

As you can see we moved the tub to the back of the room and the vanity along the widest part of the wall available in the room. The toilet also had to move in order to put the tub where it needed to go. The addition of a floating vanity which allows us to kick a step stool under the vanity so we aren’t stepping over it all the time was a huge space saver too. I haven’t quite figured out if we have more or less storage with this configuration but I do know that we can enter and exit on our own accord…no polite asking or tub jumping required.

Oh the joys

So we had a guy out to give us an estimate on installing recessed lighting in the living room and some lights out back and we discover our guest bathroom toilet is leaking…into the basement…and all over the clothes I had hanging right below.


We discovered the problem when hashing out ideas with this nice man about our plans for the basement and how we would like him to upgrade the electrical and install drywall someday.  As he was measuring for an estimate for the drywall I casually mentioned to Royce if he had noticed this water on the floor.  I figured it was seeping in from the ground.  A couple of minutes of poking around and we found the culprit….the shitty guest toilet.

Mr. Plumber noticed this when he was here for our master bathroom remodel and said our other toilet was so crappy he would need to replace it.  He would have replaced it then, but he didn’t have a spare toilet in his truck (darn).  So tomorrow I get to let in Mr. Plumber so he can install a new toilet.  Hopefully that’s all we need to solve this problem.  So much for the recessed lighting being installed anytime soon/

Oh the joys…hopefully this all will be solved before our 3 guests arrive on Friday.

The good news is our ceiling fan is installed and running, and it is beautiful

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