Forward motion

Syd has been crawling for a good week now but it’s only recently that she can maintain and sustain forward motion towards an object of desire (most notably outlets, cords and anything else on the floor she shouldn’t be crawling to).   It is quite a shock to leave her in her room while you put away laundry only to find that she has followed you out into the hall.  So long days of stationary baby!  Syd is all over the place!

Needless to say I have a feeling next week we will be doing some serious baby proofing.


Some videos of the wiggle worm

I had a parent teacher conference today at Syd’s daycare and all Miss Mary could talk about was how busy Sydney is!  Always doing something, wiggling somewhere, staring at someone.  That’s my girl!  Explore your world!  nap later!  (except on the weekends and then napping is acceptable at anytime so that Mom can too!)

One of her newer tricks is to lift herself up on her arms and toes in a ‘plank’ pose.  I find this rather hilarious because some grown men in my Pilates class can’t even hold this pose with proper body positioning.  But for some reason my 6-month old can do it.  I guess this is a thing they do as they work up to crawling.  It is rather silly though I must say!

This second video was taken a few weeks ago when we got back from vacation…documenting her adept ability of scooting backwards.  I’m sure forward motion is in our future soon!

Our foot-sucking screecher creature

Pretty much a general overview of the 5th month…screeching, wiggling, endless foot entertainment. All of these highlights in a little over a minute…can it get any better? (actually it could; but only if I was smart enough to know how to edit a video and shorten this for you)

SDV_0029, originally uploaded by jmbullock23.

Pig kickin’

Our dear daughter loves to kick those tiny little legs!

We thought her obsessive kicking may cause a problem after her first round of shots this past Tuesday at her 2 month appointment. Put more bluntly by our NP:  “Most 2 month olds are blobs so they aren’t bothered by the pain in their legs from the shots…Miss Active here may have a different reaction.”  Glad to know I don’t have a ‘blob’.  LOL

Three shots in the legs didn’t slow this kid down though! After some good napping she was up for some serious pig kickin’. Her play mat came with this pig that has a bell in it…we set it near her feet and she just goes to town.  The video is my first attempt at using a video camera.  In addition to kicking, it also features cooing, smiles, and general cuteness (and of course my voice which sounds weird to me)

The rest of her appointment was pretty straight forward.  We have a long (22 inches; 41%), skinny (9lbs 11oz; 24%) baby with a smaller than average head (38 cm; 35%)…or at least that is what the percentiles tell us.

Royce thinks they should give these sort of statistics to adults when they go to the doctor.  I can see it now…’Well Mrs X you are fatter than 98% of women your age and your height’.  I mean we are so proud of our children’s statistics why does the fun have to stop at a certain age?   Maybe if we brought back some statistics some adults would take a moment to see how large they are truly getting year after year.

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