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Today was our last day of vacation and we are all ready to go home tomorrow. Although the beach and pool were fun, my tactics to help Syd sleep did not prove to be sustainable. The past two nights she had fitful sleep, woke early in the AM, and only took short afternoon naps. This sleep deprived crankiness was amplified by constipation today as well. This just solidifies my reluctance to travel with her. The few weekends we have together as a family are better spent staying at home and relaxing than traveling and causing undo stress!

Headed to the beach

More Da-Da! throw me more!

An evening with glamor girl.


morning:noon:night :: 6

Another fine day of vacation. Syd woke up earlier than we expected and didn’t take much of an afternoon nap after spending the entire morning at the beach and the pool. Made for a cranky afternoon but Royce handled it well while I played 9 holes of golf by myself.

Early (too early) morning "This Little Piggy"

A side of foot with your pool snack berries?

Super sized spa tub

morning:noon:night :: 5

Honestly I was sort of dreading this weekend.  Royce only worked on Saturday but it is my most hated shift of the weekend; the 10-7pm.  Between our Little Gym Class at 8:45 which makes me leave the house at 8:30 I’m on my own the entire day since Royce won’t get back til around 8pm.  It makes for a very long day, especially on a day when you want to be ‘off’…at least part of the time.  To be ‘on’ for 12+ hours as sole clown is well; exhausting.  To make matters worse all week the NPR local newsman was mocking me by taking this springy tone to “this Saturday there is a 100% chance of rain!”.  It was like he was saying “good luck Julie…nana-nana-boo-boo”.

I set forth in the morning to the Little Gym with a schedule of errands (Costo, REI, Ikea) to run after.  This successfully filled up our rainy morning (boy howdy do you get wet loading and unloading a kid in a car-seat!) til lunch time.  When we got home for lunch the power promptly went out after I had just finished heating Syds left-overs in the microwave.  An hour of independent play time in the dark allowed me to make the necessary calls to our loser of a power company and before I knew it nap time was upon us!  A quick run to Trader Joes after nap time to get ingredients for soup and the rest of the day was history. We colored, we built a tower, we played with magnetic animals, we ate soup and we sang…a lot.   It was still a tiring day, I haven’t felt well for over a week; a mixture of allergies and I think a mild cold makes for a very exhausted Mama.  Thankfully Royce was off today so I was able to do some stuff for myself.  So grateful!




morning:noon:night :: 4

Had a slow weekend. Syd is healing nicely.  Between bouts of extreme diarrhea (assumed caused by antibiotics) she is generally happy.  Still wears us out though; quite a busy bee.

naked baby with her dog after morning poo clean-up.

Royce is ready for his nap. Syd is not.

obsessed with her shoes & socks.

morning:noon:night :: 3

This weekend was at the far opposite of last weekend.  Royce worked both Saturday and Sunday, and Syd was back to her angry self (teething I suppose?  or maybe she just hates us, our house, our life).    I made the best of it today.  Started off with some early grocery shopping; Syd had no tolerance for dilly-dallying but I got it all done.  (Side note — I’m eternally grateful for Trader Joe’s who opens at 8 AM on a SUNDAY).  We then went to the park (I got another video of some slide action), and then back home for lunch and then some noon-time laundry.  Blessed nap-time came early today.  Mama was on a short string, and Syd had no intentions of backing down on the crying.  Royce got home at 3:00 and after a short run together he continued to the park with Syd so that I could have some alone time at home.  I spent my time cooking dinner and revealing in the fact that cooking is about 110% more enjoyable when you don’t have someone screaming at your feet.  5:30 rolled around and the Dad and his Monster-child were back; alone time was over and crying was the new serenade to this chefs background.  I finally got her to calm down after 15-mins alone/cry time in her crib and some soft reading before dinner.  She gobbled up the Drunken Noodles I made (favorite Thai dish of all time!) and then it was nearly time for bath.  Our nightly ritual of wrestling her in her diaper and pajamas was nothing new to us, but it completes the picture of my day.  I am neither rested or ready to face my Monday but it will come tomorrow whether I want it or not; that is certain.

morning:noon:night :: 2

What a wonderful weekend!  What a difference having a husband home for the weekend and having a happy, joyful, silly child can make!  My heart is full and I am well rested to face my busy week ahead.

A few snippets (from my iPhone…the handiest camera around) from my Sunday which encompass my morning, noon and night.  Many more photos from our weekend can be found on Flickr.

morning:noon:night :: 1

Some more inspiration from my friend Katie and such a simple way to spur a blog post (with pictures!  bonus!).

Here are some snapshops of my day today (taken with my iPhone) that capture the essence of my morning:noon:night

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