Welcome readers!

This little blog came to life in August of 2006.  At that time we had just found our home and were on the cusp of marriage.   The idea of a blog came to me because I was tired of emailing the same song and dance to different people multiple times.  I figured it would be easier to just have a place for people to go if they want to know what we are up to…so Midwestkids was created.

Why the name ‘Midwestkids’?  Both me and my husband grew up in small-er Midwest towns and went to universities in the Midwest.  Then he met me and I dragged him around the east coast until we finally landed here in Maryland about 4 miles from the DC boarder.  We are here for my job and it is rare for a month to go by when I’m not reminded of that.  As for the kids part; well when we started this blog-garden we were just that; 2 kids trying to keep it real in this chaotic world.  Now we have our own kid and she makes our world chaotic in its own special way.

Midwestkids has grown from the place where we posted the ins-and-outs of owning and fixing an ugly home to a blog whose main subject now is our daughter Sydney.  In between are sewing projects, recipes, rants and insights I hope you may find either humorous or helpful.

I am far from what I would call a “writer”.  I’m  here for the fun of it; editors can go away; I’m a horrible speller and my grammar sucks.  For my day-job I write endless boring scientific documents with long confusing words.   I leave my editing pen at my office; this is where I have fun.

Most of my followers are silent family members, chatty friends, and I even have some regular strangers (who aren’t so strange anymore!).   Post comments are always welcome (makes me feel all warm and tingly inside to think that people other than my mother read this thing) so come on in and enjoy!

Welcome to the world of Midwestkids,


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