School Photos are terrifying

Poor sad scared Ingrid. Her sad little cheeks are still chapped from whatever was irritating her this winter no matter what lotion we slathered on her face. And you can tell she had been crying her eyes out because…

…yup it was documented previously.  She still looks cute in that innocent, child-like way. And those curls. Her hair. I don’t exactly know what to do with it…curly hair doesn’t sleep well or nap well or take well to rubbing up against the back of a car-seat.  Ingrid, everything about her is just so….Ingrid.


Sydney on the other hand isn’t smiling for anyone not because she doesn’t know how but because she doesn’t like you or want to.  I love the open mouth stare.  And the flowers with the “I didn’t do anything wrong” eyes.  The girl has sass and its showing at 4.  At least she was rocking the confidence in the sibling photo; show off.


School Photos, an improvement!

The girl’s had their fall school photos a few weeks ago.  No handmade dresses were donned this year, mom’s been a bit pre-occupied at work sadly — mommy fail. They still looked cute in their little store-bought (and hand-me-down for Ingrid) sweater dresses and they turned out well to boot!

First up Sydney.  You can tell she still isn’t quite certain about this entire process because of her awkwardly fake smile but she did much better than she has in years past.

2013-11-22 11.58.32

Ingrid, the ham, was all smiles though. I love the little tuft of hair that’s askew…so Ingrid.  She is a wild crazy happy child.

2013-11-22 11.57.16

And the pictures of them together just melt my heart. Seriously? These kids.  Cute overload.

2013-11-22 11.59.52

Although these are not quite as hilarious as they have been in years past there is something incredibly cheesy dorky about canned school photos that can’t be beat.

Spring school photos

I hope you all are ready for a good laugh. You know that school photos never disappoint and this session will not let you down.

First up, Ingrid in her all grey picture wear.


In her defense the poor girl was super sick. I ended up getting a call from school around 11 while in a meeting and had a to leave to go pick her up. She was a feverish snotty mess.  Poor thing.  You could see the tears in her eyes in the photo.  Sadness.

Sydney’s were not much better. I didn’t realize til after I was nearly out the door that AM (running late of course) that it was picture day.  Royce did his best getting Syd to take off her princess t-shirt and into a dress; and he even did her little side pony tail too. She looks like something out of an 80’s movie.  And of course the scowl made an appearance; it always does in school photos.


And the pictures of the two together are just classic. Ingrid doesn’t look amused and still has tears in her eyes and Syd is just doing as best she can in a forced posed way. I can only imagine how this all went down behind the scenes.  Bless my husband for trying to get those girls ready by himself for picture day, but between Ingrid’s grey pant ensemble and Syds dress, tights, shoes and hair I’m just beside myself with laughter.


Always good for a laugh

It’s school photo time again!  My favorite time of year!  These things are always good for a few laughs.  I wish I could be there someday when they are taking these photos because her facial expressions are nothing like what I’ve captured here at home; its like a half-smile, half-“i’m going to eat you!” grin.


and seriously the flower?  Even she is like why am I holding this?


The obligatory cheesy pose with antique bike is awesome. The addition of crazy eyes makes it even more so.


And of course this was Ingrid’s first time with school photos and so far she is light years better than her sister!


I’m amazed they didn’t get more smiles from her since she gives them out so freely.


As a bonus they offer to do sibling shots.


I’m sure these will only get better with time!


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