I confess, I’m bad a picking out window treatments

These things are going to be the end of me. I give up.  Yesterday we had a nice man come install our roman shades in the living room.  I have discussed before that I’ve lived in a constant state of confusion as to what would be appropriate for this window.  All I knew is that a big ugly valance with dirty curtains was not a good option.  I’m also tired of blinds…we have ‘wood’ blinds all over the house and although lovely and practical they just don’t give that sense of WOW when you walk in a room.

$500 later I’m still not liking what I have but I’m too stingy to change it.  I think the fabric looks cheap and I wish I would have sprung for the blackout liner, not because we have a lot of light streaming through but because I think it would have made the fabric look less cheap.  I guess the blind company I used gets their shades from JCPenny’s…I’ve been there before and wasn’t so pleased.  I should have known better.  To top it off I think the window looks like crap from the outside of the house when the shades are pulled down.  Arg!

So whats a girl to do?  Well this girl is just going to suck it up and keep them until we redo this room many years to come (my great hope is that once we finish with this all house renovation/updating we can visit a room a year instead of trying to do it all at once).  Maybe by then we will have $$ to have a professional to come in and help us out.


I’m not sure which I hate more

Drapes or Azaleas?  hmmm…this is a tough one.  One is expensive and confusing, and the other is pokey, ugly and in a current state of disarray.  I give up. I hate them both.

After an interesting day at work  I decided to skip Pilates to spend some time with the hubby outside doing yard work.  This involved picking up leaves (yes…we are STILL picking up leaves) and preparing patches of our lawn for some new grass seed.  Neither are much fun.  It basically renewed my all time hatred of these Azalea bushes.  I think Royce put it nicely by saying this “These things better sprout beer this summer or they are out of here”.  I’ve got a hunch that these bushes aren’t going to last much longer in our yard…what do you think?  I’ve finally come to the conclusion that I need something more symmetrical, more maintainable.   I would also like something that doesn’t accost my legs and arms with scratches each time I try to approach the water spigot out front.  I figured we will give them one blossoming chance to change our mind…these things better be pretty damn beautiful for a long time this summer because we have put up with nothing but ugliness since we moved in.

Drapery dilemmas

Picking out window coverings sucks. 

I’m to the point of hiring someone to come in and fit our gigantic sliding glass door and our living room windows (again gigantic) with something suitable.  My first problem was that I tried to do it cheaply and well, cheap drapes are…cheap!  They don’t hang right, the liner isn’t sewn in right so it pulls in weird ways and you can see the liner peek out from the sides…must I go on?  After just a little shopping I was appalled at how expensive these things are…custom ones (probably what we really need) are even worse.  So I stuck with JCPenny and got 4  reasonably priced panels with the thought of sewing them together to make 2 big panels, but after I hung them yesterday I hate them.  They look so nice in the picture don’t  they?  Well no amount of steaming or fiddling could make my drapes hang as nicely as those.  Face it, cheap fabric doesn’t have the weight to it that is needed to create a nice hang.

Now I am back at square one and I’m not a happy shopper.

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