Little Red Riding Hood and her “Big” Bad Wolf


This year for Halloween we ventured outside of the woodland creatures for the first time! Well for Syd at least…


Syd was Little Red Riding Hood and Ingrid played the part of the Big Bad Wolf…but she was more of a grumpy wolf at first since she refused to put on her costume once it was time to suit up and head out.  She finally cheered up once I showed her how adorable she was and after a good game of chasing her tail which put a smile on everyone.


I went as Grandma and Royce was our woodsman but he got stuck at work too late to partake in a family photo.


Both of the girls capes were from the Oliver + S “Little Things to Sew” book.  I think this is the third year I’ve made Halloween costumes from an item in this book. Typically I use the cozy hood but couldn’t resist the cape for Little Red Riding Hood this year.  After looking at other Wolf patterns it occurred to me that I could use the cape for Ingrid too.


The capes went together quickly. Ingrid’s required a bit of hand sewing because of bulk from the layers of fur at the hood line.  Other than fur everywhere in my sewing room it wasn’t actually all that hard to work with!  Ingrid’s cape is lined with felt and in hindsight I should have used something lighter like sweat shirt fleece or even fleece because it was a heavy cape.


Syds was made from the Let’s Pretend line of “velvet” and “satin” from Joann’s.  Since I had to add 9 inches to the pattern it took a LOT of fabric and I didn’t have luck scoring real velvet and satin from a remnant table like I did last year.  She still loves it all the same and it does still look rather luscious. Syd’s apron was self drafted and I added a rick rack heart for some fun.


More pictures are up on Flickr!



This year for Halloween the girls were bats. Well Syd said was ‘bat girl’ but basically she was a bat since I didn’t go so far as to put the bat-girl emblem on her shirt. I found the inspiration from this post a long while back.


They had a ton of fun trick-o-treating and enjoyed running around with their bat wings out.


I couldn’t find kid sized black mask, so I drew a bat on Syd’s face which she thought was pretty cool.


The hoods are the cozy winter hood from the Oliver + S book Little Things to Sew. This hood is turning into Halloween staple at our house.  Syd and Ingrid STILL wear their cat and mouse hoods on cold days from last years Halloween.  I’m not sure how much repeat wear the bat hats will get, but we will see.  I modified the pattern by creating a widows peak and making the ears pointy instead of round.


The wings I self drafted using each girls ‘wing span’ and neck to knee measurement. I drew out the bat wings onto Swedish tracing paper using my french curve to connect the two measurements and then held them up to the girls to size fit.  To keep their hands free for candy grabbing I sewed elastic loops at the end of each wing so they could slip their hand through and the wing would be anchored to their wrist.  The wings were secured on their shoulders by more black elastic.  I wish I had purchased the sequins black elastic trim to do these details but time kept me from returning to JoAnn to perfect finishing touches.


All and all I figured the wings were made special by making them out of super soft rich Velvet (found on a remnant sale pile at JoAnn) and shiny black taffeta.  The hoods were also made of the Velvet and lined with black knit from my stash.


Another successful hand-made Halloween is in the books.  More pictures of our evening are up on Flickr.

Cat and Mouse


I took today off work so you actually get a timely blog post!  Halloween was chaotic, but fun!


The girls loved their costumes and Syd did so well with trick-o-treating.  She is really shy but still managed to mumble “trick-or-treat” and gave a polite “thank you” too.  We have a little work to do on the assertiveness, but she was independently walking up and having a grand time.


Even Ingrid did pretty good with the entire ordeal, considering the chaos, and the darkness, and the hour.


Syd helped me decide this year what they would be.  Thankfully, given my lack of time to sew, she kept it simple. I can’t even remember what the other options were… We seem to be on an animal theme trend around here which is fine with me. There is plenty of time for mermaids, princesses, superhero’s, and other commercially marketed creatures…I will keep the cute and simple suggestions while they are still offered!


I drafted Syd’s costume off of a dress she had and Ingrid’s came from a pattern I had on hand from a few years ago when Syd was a monkey.  Both of the caps are the cozy winter hood from Oliver + S Little Things to Sew, I just self drafted mouse and cat ears instead of bear ears.  More pictures are on flickr!


update: Syd and Ingrid’s costumes were featured on the Oliver + S Halloween Wrap-up Blog.  Feeling famous!

Penguin Family


Halloween as usual was hectic but fun.


Sydney was in a rather cantankerous mood the evening of Halloween, but thankfully we had a party to go to the Saturday before where we got good happy Penguin photos.


This year she had the choice between a Penguin and a Ladybug and she chose Penguin!  It was easy to ‘run with it’ for the whole family since I could just make hats for Royce and I.  The costumes turned out great.

It is hard to get decent pictures of Ingrid in much of anything til she can sit up — but she was the cutest baby penguin around.


Big sis was pretty darn cute too.


I got the pattern/idea here and used dresses they had in their closet to draft patterns.  Everything got done but the feet.  I ran out of time!


Now we all have penguin hats to wear when we are feeling exceptionally silly.


Our little monkey


Syd was a monkey for Halloween this year; and in my opinion she is the cutest monkey around, but I’m biased.  I finished the costume at the end of September (Simplicity #2068).  It was really easy to put together since it wasn’t a one piece deal like last years skunk.  The biggest problems were finding the fuzzy felt (not fleece, not felt, but fuzzy felt — seesh) and the hat.


Thankfully Grandma was able to locate some fuzzy felt at the Hobby Lobby in Lee’s Summit and she brought it with her during her visit in September.  The hat I had to alter so that Syd would wear it. For some reason she was terrified of the hat as made by the pattern and refused to wear it.  I ended up chopping off the large under-chin segment and made it into more of a cap.  Familiar to her other hats that she wears, I attached dangle ties from the ear flaps that tied loosely around her chin.  It worked out OK, didn’t fit her all that spectacularly but it looked cute, and for a costume that’s all that really matters!  The fuzzy felt wasn’t hard to sew with at all, although thick it doesn’t shed and has little stretch.   Instead of the velcro closings per-pattern I put in a zipper to make it look nice.


Syd had a blast trick-o-treating.  Once she got into the swing of things she was addicted….she never really said “trick or treat” or “thank you” but that’s what Mom and Dad are for.  She did well picking out her candy and putting it in her basket, although most of the time she wanted to open it then and there and consume it on the spot.


I’m fairly certain she went to bed with a tummy ache but I think she had fun and I know next Halloween will probably be even more fun for her!  Click on the picture series below to see more from our Halloween night!

tail copy.jpg

Our little stinker

I made Syd’s costume this year (McCalls #M6105), we figured a skunk was appropriate for her first Halloween!

The pattern wasn’t all that hard.  Basically a footed onesie made from black fleece with a back zipper.  Of course my technique and finishing weren’t all that stellar (she was only wearing it once for peet’s sake!) so it went together fairly fast.  The fur patches were sewn on mostly by hand, and the tail attaches with velcro.  The hood was probably the fussiest part to make…it even out fussed the zipper.  I had to make some alterations to the hood as it seems Sydney has no neck.  I didn’t rip out any stitches though…I just chopped off an inch from the bottom seam and called it ‘done’ (which means I didn’t put the seam back in I just straight stitched around the bottom).

The hood cracks me up…and she will probably wear it this winter as it is a double fleece layer that warmly covers her ears (not to mention she can’t tear it off easily!).

I took a stupid amount of photos.  I couldn’t pare down the best ones so just sit back, click, and enjoy!

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