Living room decoration ideas

Now that everything is painted and the furniture is all settled I’ve got to pull out my decorating hat and see what I can do.  I’m scared.  I’ve got some decent ideas but I’ve got a lot of wall space.  I don’t want things to look cluttered, I’m going for clean lines in this room.

My ideas so far stem around flanking the left and right side of the room with wall anchored shelves…kind of like this…but in white:

I’m thinking three on each side mounted kind of staggered like above.  Here I can set vases, my Grandpas microsope, and other trinkets I may pick up along life that have an interesting story or charm.

In between the shelves I’m thinking black and white prints, maybe five sort of like this, but maybe not all in a straight line:

I would have these photos come from some friends and some from my collection.  They would be of scenery in places we have lived or visited.  I’ve got a great one of the Eiffel tower I took when we were in Paris that I think would look good as a black and white.

My friend Kim, who used to live in KC has a great black and white shot of the old Western Auto building that I think will look nice..  Now all that I’m missing is something “Iowa” and “DC”.  I don’t have any scenic pictures but I found a good photographer who does, so as long as he doesn’t cost and arm and a leg I may buy one of his prints.  I’m hopeful my friend Amanda took some good DC shots before she left.  If not thats OK…we will be in Yellowstone and Rome soon so I can finish off my picture collage there.

Do you have any photos we could use?  Outside of Kansas City, Iowa, Buffalo, DC, and Paris we have only been to tropical locations and those don’t photograph in black and white as well as they should.  What do you think?   I think this is a better option that some generic artwork from Ikea, and it can grow as we grow…we definitely have the wall space for it! 

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