A corduroy Kelly

Kelly Skirt

Monday the girls daycare was open as a ‘favor’ since they have been closed so much this winter because of snow. Since I had the day off of work, I took the opportunity to clean up my sewing room from the off-season vacation summer dress sewing frenzy and I also cut out a Kelly Skirt. I got the pattern from my friend Katie who sent me a giant box of patterns to fiddle with while she was pregnant with her third. I have to say next to a dress I made for our trip this is probably my second favorite item I’ve made myself!

Kelly Skirt

The fabric is a gray stretch baby whale corduroy I picked up at Joanne for this exact project. I used a contrasting bias-tape seam binding on the pockets and side seams to prevent seam fraying and because it looks nice.


I had a wee bit of this colorful elephant fabric leftover from a top I made Ingrid which makes for a perfect pocket lining with a personal touch. I have to say these little details really make hand made items more fun and thoughtful than anything you can find store bought and is a big reason why I sew for myself and the girls.


Instead of buttons for the closures I used pearl snaps.  These things are tedious to put on…I’m not sure if its really easier than buttons and button holes, but I do know that snaps make taking off your clothes way more dramatic. If you don’t believe me, just ask Royce. 😉


The skirt is a simple high-waist a-line shape with pleats. It was super simple to put together, I started it Monday, worked a bit on it Tuesday after work and finished it this morning.  Of course the seam binding added a bit more time so if my next fabric isn’t so bulky I will do french seams to make things go along quicker.


I’m taking a spring trip to Paris in April so I wanted something fun and comfortable to pack along. I think this will fit my purposes perfectly as it is a relaxed flattering look that will compliment flats….or tights and rain boots (it will be spring after-all).

Kelly Skirt

I’m already planning to make a few more for this spring out of lighter fabric that will transition into summer.


  1. It looks great! Such a quick, satisfying pattern and it really is universally flattering. You’ll get tons of use out of a skirt like that!

    • Yes, quick AND satisfying. I can’t wait to wear it next. I wore it out on Saturday night and got a lot of compliments. I’m already scheming what I want to make the next one out of…thinking a pin striped twill with a fun contrasting thread top stitching.


  1. […] its 100% cotton. I chose this fabric for this experiment because it coordinates well with my Kelly skirt and my oh-so-comfortable grey cords which I’ve been living in a lot this […]

  2. […] skirt consists of 4 pieces and a curved waistband. Unlike the Kelly skirt this waistband is curved and fitted (Kelly kinda sticks up on me since it is just a rectangle). […]

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