Weekend project

While Royce was working I was getting ready for a Memorial Day invasion (my sister + Amanda + Amanda’s friend Tori).  Part of this included organizing my pathetic office into something more user friendly and organizational friendly.  

Ikea finally had my overhead storage in stock that I’ve been stalking for a couple of months now so I jumped at the opportunity.  I spent most of yesterday putting together and installing the cabinets.  Today I went back and got a hutch to put the printer on.  With one book shelf out of the room it looks a lot more open and it will be a lot more comfortable to work in and hopefully not get so cluttered.

I’m also thrilled that  Ikea has finally started producing wardrobes in a dark black/brown stain.  Up til now all they had was light wood or white and that wasn’t the theme we were looking for in our bedroom.  With only one tiny closet in or room (we sacrificed the other to expand the bathroom) we need the space their wardrobes offer, in order to  incorporate all our or hanging and folding clothes in one place.  Hopefully later this month we can go purchase them and start getting our bedroom furniture settled.  It baffles me why other companies haven’t come up with wardrobe systems as versatile as Ikeas’…for older homes, these things are life savers.  We were about to have our contractor who is a woodworker, make the frames for us based on the wardrobe we currently own and then fill it with all if the Ikea stuff and then stain it to our desired color.  I’m glad we don’t have to go that route!

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