Ingrid :: 3


Ingrid turned 3 back in May. In comparison, Ingrid was a much easier 2-year old than Syd was, but that had a lot to do with Sydney dedicating her second year to not pooping. Ingrid wasn’t prone to tantrums, was relatively content watching other children or pestering her sister.  They also play well together so I can’t really complain to much when they argue over a project or toy. I often would find Syd in Ingrid’s crib playing with her in the mornings; always melted my heart.


Potty training was *relatively* simple for Ingrid although the processes was a bit forced against us by day-care which both she and I resisted.  They started transitioning her into panties back in March, but Ingrid wanted nothing to do with it here at home so I usually just let her wear diapers when she wanted to because I didn’t want to deal with a screaming child over something I didn’t think she was ready for anyways. It all worked out for us in the end, just took longer than it did with Sydney. In the end she was potty trained by the time she turned 3 and accidents are few and far between (but happened way more than they did with Syd!).

UntitledIngrid is a sweet funny little thing.  Full of silly smiles and coyness. I don’t feel like we have the mental battles I did with Sydney, but maybe I’m still distracted by the mental battles Sydney keeps throwing at me to much mind noticing those from Ingrid. Untitled

Ingrid isn’t much of a talker. She has definitely taken to words slower than Sydney and her peers.  One of her friends at school can talk circles compared to Ingrid. I would blame it on having an older sibbling who is around to do all the talking for her but her comparator classmate has an equally (if not more) verbose older brother the same age as Syd.


Ingrid is definitely known by her silly hair. She got her mom’s curly fro that is usually a rats nest each morning and typically looks that way throughout the day.  It fits her personality though so I hope it never changes! Untitled

Its funny, Syd’s 3-year post was all about her favorite color and how we were working on letters and phonics. I can confidently say I have no idea what Ingrid’s favorite color is because she either never voiced such a strong opinion or has been fickle about the concept.  We haven’t sat down and gone over letters with her once that I can recall. I never got far with Sydney on the concept so I leave the education to school and try to fill her days in with play and reading.  Oh how your time-priorities change when you have two kids to focus on instead of one!


In addition to a joint day-care party with one of her close friends, we had a quiet birthday party here at home among our neighborhood friends per tradition.  We had a Doc McStuffin’s themed cup-cake cake from the bakery and Ingrid seemed less than impressed with the cake and our signing apparently.

Ingrid had her 3-year well visit on May 19th.  Since her 2-year visit she gained 6.6 pounds and weighs in at 32 lbs (64%).  She grew 2.5 inches, and is now 37.25 inches tall (45%).  No head measurements are done at the 3-year visit but I can assure you Ingrid’s head is plenty big!  Some of it may be the hair though. For the most part Ingrid is a tank compared to Syd at 3 (who was the same height but weighed only 28 lbs).  Poor Ingrid is built like her mama from her head to her bones!  I wonder if that is why the pediatrician calculated her BMI for us…16.2 (65%)…

Ingrid still seems so much more of a baby to me than Syd did at 3 and I don’t know why…I’m in no hurry for it to change much though since she will always be my baby!


Ingrid :: 2


Ingrid turned the big TWO last Monday.  Although I’ve been neglecting to take photos of her with my “real” camera I have taken quite a few with my iPhone and post as many as I can (without becoming annoying) on Flickr, Instagram and Facebook.


No doubt about it Ingrid is a cute kid. She has these beautiful blue eyes (like her sister) and a head full of crazy messy curls. The look suits her quiet, coy, inquisitive disposition. Although she smiles more and giggles more than I can remember with Syd, she isn’t one for smiling for the camera. Instead she gives these pensive looks or just runs away entirely…or makes silly faces. She has such a happy disposition, even her little tunes she hums are cheery and upbeat.


Ingrid is still a thumb-sucker. She usually only does it when she is sleeping or needs comfort when hurt, or when she is holding on to ‘bunny’ her lovey. I’ve found we can keep her awake in the car just by not giving her bunny…she won’t wail either, she will just be content. But if you give her bunny, in goes the thumb and lights are out; the girl can fall asleep anywhere. After particularly stressful days she likes to lay in the middle of the floor (or deck) and suck her thumb upon returning home. Can’t blame her; there are some days when I wish I could do the same myself.

Sometimes after a hard day at school you just have to come home, lay on the deck and suck your thumb.

She is entering the phase where her eating slows down (and first time parents start to freak out and offer anything under the sun so that their kid will eat). I’m lazy so unless she is sick I don’t offer anything else to her at dinner time. If she is hungry she will eat. I do try to make at least one thing a night and one meal a week that I know the kids will enjoy. Ingrid is my veggie girl so that makes my job easier since we always have a vegetable with each meal. Her favorite is carrots so I make sure to fill our stir-fry with lots and lots of carrots. More often than not though lately my dinners are met with a resounding “NO like!” with a firm push of her plate. Sometimes I let her get down from the table (just do I don’t have to listen to her yelling) and out of curiosity she will eventually come back and eat something, it depends. Breakfast is the best meal of her day so I always make it a point to get good stuff in her belly.


Recently we have also entered the “I want!!!…no I DON’T want!!!…I want!!!…no I DON’T want!!!” phase which is a dicey stage that can send the most calm relaxed mother off the edge (I am not a calm relaxed mother FYI). This time around instead of questioning the lunatic (I mean child) to figure out what exactly they want when they want it and how to present it to them without setting off the emotional time bomb…I’ve learned to just set down whatever she thinks she wants and she can decide if she wants it or not; although I’m NOT a fan of her going over and throwing said item to show her frustration…so that gets a time out.


She plays well with Syd and prefers playing with Syd more than Syd prefers playing with her. It’s a delicate balance those two, but it’s usually Ingrid pissing Syd off versus the other way around. She’s had some instances with biting at school which are typically around a kid coming up and taking something of hers which she is playing with at the time. Its a hard scenario; the girl has gotta defend her turf but doesn’t really have the words yet to say “Excuse me dear sir please leave me alone” either.


Speaking of talking; she is getting better each day. She still isn’t as chatty as the kids in her class which seem to chitty chat at rates that are unstoppable.  But I’m a fairly quiet person, so is Royce so I’ll happily take a quiet kid. In addition to her general quietness she is also very independent. She will play out on the deck or anywhere you put her by herself with nearly no protest. I still can’t say the same for Sydney. Ingrid also loves to read…she will sit on your lap and let you read book after book after book. One would likely perish before she would stop asking for “mo boouk”.


She is becoming more independent with tasks too. She can put on her own shoes and socks (and take them off and put them off and take them off…), and has been trying to put on her own pants. A favorite activity of hers is to find a pair of Syd’s panties and put them on by herself and walk around (like in the photo above). We haven’t hit the “I do it!” stage yet where they usually want to complete tasks they are incapable of completing, but I know soon we will be there and I’ll just do more deep breathing and give myself an extra 15 or so minutes to leave the house.

Since her 18-month visit she gained a little over two pounds and weighs in at 25.4 lbs (32%).  She grew over an inch, and is now 34.75 inches tall (81%).  According to the measurements her head shrank by half an inch but my guess is her hair likely was 0.5 inches less fluffy (48.5 cm; 57%).

Ingrid “18 month” stats

Ingrid had her 18-month visit at the pediatricians December 4th…and I (along with my stooopid job) am the only excuse its taken this long to get her stats updated.

2013-11-27 18.38.16.jpg

Since her “15-month” (she was really almost 17-months) visit she gained less than a pound weighs in at 22.6 lbs (18%).  She grew a whole inch though, and is now 33.25 inches tall (81%).  And her head didn’t grow at all but it doesn’t need to, she already has a huge noggin — she is wearing hats that fit Syd. (49 cm; 98%).  She is still a healthy eater when she wants to eat.  I don’t think it’s a picky food thing cause when she doesn’t eat she just plain won’t eat…even what I would consider to be her ‘favorites’ (cheese, yogurt, fruit).


thanksgiving round two (stealing off Daddy’s plate)

I think her next update won’t be til 2-years (gah!)…but I likely should check on that with the pedaitrican as it seems we are failing this child and her well-visit schedule.

Other than her stats, Ingrid is still the silly coy happy child. She is picking up on signs really fast so we have been introducing more to her each day. She has had a big problem with seperation anxiety lately — even when we drop her off at daycare — which has been hard to stomach. We’ve started sending a ‘comfort’ item from home and we get a report of how many ‘hits’ she has to take from her bunny each day. Kinda funny :). Thankfully her bunny-hits have been decreasing these past few weeks.


This post is sorely over due.  Sweet Ingrid turned 18-months on November 12th.

2013-09-22 18.20.09-1.jpg

I’m guilty of the second child photo neglect.  Sydney had galleries of nearly every month documented.  Not so much for Ingrid. 😦  I have done a good job of documenting daily life on my phone, it’s just getting those pictures from the phone to the web that I’m lazy about.  One of these days it will happen though.

2013-10-02 07.17.34-2.jpg

Ingrid’s personality is so distinct and different.  She is a very curious child, mischievous, patient, silly, inquisitive.  Her mood is generally happy and positive.  She is starting to exert a bit more of her self-identity in things by demanding things are hers by screaming “Myyyyiiieeee!” when she wants something or see’s something that is hers. She loves to do what Sydney is doing and watches Sydney with great intent.  She is a watcher and observer.  She is more than content sitting up on the counter and watching me cook supper or baking.  Ingrid is friendly, she loves to wave at strangers and get their attention.

2013-10-09 07.17.22.jpg

Ingrid loves to put things in bags or containers and take them back out again. She can sit for quite a while pretty focused on this task. She likes things that make noise and once she gets them in her container she will shake it about then dump it all out and repeat.

2013-11-17 13.23.18.jpg

Her talking is still pretty ridiculous nonsense at this point. She has Mama and Dada down. She tries to say Ingrid but it comes out NiNi.  Of course there is No and Mine.  She sings the tune of baa-baa black sheep which is about as adorable as things can get. She must have a propensity towards music because she sometimes will just start bouncing up and down to the rhythm if she hears a catchy tune.  Her understanding of words is pretty high though. I can ask her a simple question and she can either shake her head yes or no or point to the item I’m asking for or talking about.

2013-11-27 16.30.43-1.jpg

Her separation anxiety was delayed and has hit now. Whenever we leave for a night-out with a sitter she flips out once the sitter arrives.  We had a friend over for supper the other night and Ingrid was suspicious of her the entire time since she was a female and we tend to disappear when single females come over. It took her the better part of an hour to figure out that we were not leaving and in fact this new woman wasn’t going to babysit.


Ingrid is a dare-devil. She is much more bold than Sydney was on getting herself into trouble.  She climbs up onto things using any method possible (sometimes even Charlie as a step stool).  I’ve turned my back to find her standing on the kitchen table, or on a toy or an end table.  When she is caught she just smiles and laughs so she knows she is up to no-good.  Silly girl.

2013-11-16 16.16.06.jpg

She is still a thumb sucker. Some days she just needs to have her blankey and her thumb and that’s OK.  She loves to snuggle up with you on days she isn’t feeling well or when she is tired. Those moments are some of my favorite.

2013-11-17 13.19.35-2.jpg

Her 18-month check-up isn’t until next week so I will update her growth stats then.

Ingrid “15 month” stats


Ingrid had her 15-month check up at 17-months…details details. Give us a break.

Since her 12-month visit she gained 1+ lbs  and now weighs in at 21.7 lbs (20%).  She grew two+ inches! and is now 32.25 inches tall (81%).  And her head grew another 1.5 cm (49 cm; 98%).  I won’t make comparisons to Syd’s 15-month stats since these are so delayed.  I was shocked to find she is only in the 20th percentile for weight because Ingrid can eat. I think it is her favorite thing to do next to, smile, cuddle and put things in containers.



We need to get her 18-month visit scheduled here soon.  I will update more on her development then!


2013-08-04 21.04.55

Ingrid turned 15-months in August.  August 12th to be exact.   I know, I’m a little late but there is a lot to update with her so I figured I’d just wrap it all up into a nice little 15-month post for ya!

And thankfully I did take the time to do this since I was reading Sydney’s 15-month post and realized she had a well doctor visit…which made confused so I went to my pediatricians webpage to see that – yup 15-months well child visit and hepatitis vaccines.  Oops.  Yet another reason I can’t have a 3rd kid…I can barely keep up with the two I have currently.

2013-08-08 17.30.52-2

Anyways, 15-months…Ingrid is a walking and talking little silly thing. She loves to laugh.  She is all smiles in the AM and will giggle at silly things or tickles.  She babbles all sorts of crazy stuff, sometimes loudly, sometimes a whisper (I LOVE the whisper babbles…seems so serious so secret).  She has a few ‘words’.  Her first word I noticed a few weeks ago when we were at the pool and she saw a ball, pointed to it and said: “baaah!”.  So now whenever she see’s a ball she is all “baah baah baah” non-stop and you can just see she is so proud of herself.  When we were in KC at the zoo (or at home with my mom’s cat) she would point to all the animals and say “Hiya!”. No idea what that means but when she see’s an animal that’s what she says…maybe her way of saying Hi?  Bye-bye is also part of her repertoire right now but comes  out more like Buh-Buh along with her silly little circular hand wave (that’s usually about 1 minute delayed).  She will say “mama” but its not in direction of me — sometimes its in the direction of her sippy cup (which I guess there could be worse things in life to be associated with).  I do think direct terms of endearment are coming soon, I can just see the gears going in her head.

2013-08-25 10.27.46-2

She can identify things in books…especially ones we read often.  She will point to bears, bunnies and dogs when asked.  She is also willingly using signs to ask for things now.  She really only uses ‘more’ though since what she is wanting is usually food and we use “more” a lot at the dinner table.  This weekend we went in after nap time a few times to see her signing “more”….so now I’m working a bit more on “hungry” and “eat” and “milk”.  She is getting better at using signs instead of yelling/grunting at the dinner table when she wants something.

2013-08-27 19.10.26-1

Reading over Syd’s 15-month update I’m not seeing the pins-and-needles temper in Ingrid that we went through (and honestly still have!) with Sydney.  In general she is a pretty happy kid. She is getting to the stage where she will cry if you take something away from her or if she can’t have something Sydney is playing with, but that is too be expected for this age group.  So far, she doesn’t cry or get frustrated with toys that don’t cooperate, and can be re-directed for the most part with no upset.

2013-08-29 19.05.04-1

Ingrid LOVES to eat. She is a healthy little eater and will try almost anything you put in front of her. Its hard to pick her favorites because she really does enjoy most everything you put in front of her. I have noticed she isn’t a big fan of Mexican food even if it’s deconstructed.  Considering tacos, fajita’s, and enchilada’s are some of my go-to things to switch up flavors around here, not to mention Mexican restaurants are the best places for eating out with kids…I hope she gets over her dislike soon.  I also introduced a spoon and fork to her recently and she is starting to understand but mostly still uses her hands because its faster. 🙂

2013-09-02 16.44.56-1

Very much like her sister, she loves to sit in your lap or on a stoop or step.  She just backs her hiney right up and sits on down. So silly.  She will also dance and light up with a big smile if you dance with her or sing.

2013-08-31 10.37.05

’12-month’ stats and an update

2013-06-27 07.10.23

check out my sassy yellow romper!

As keeping with the status-quo around here (which has been chaos). Royce and I completely spaced out on Ingrid’s 1-year well child visit and were no-shows for our appointment; whoops.  Figuring this is the first time this has ever happened I cut ourselves some slack.  We couldn’t get Ingrid in though til this week which is quite a bit after her 1st birthday but maybe it was our punishment for forgetting.

2013-06-16 11.48.32

pool-side supper

Since her 9-month visit she gained 3 + lbs  and now weighs in at 20 lbs (19%).  She grew two hole inches! and is now 30.5 inches tall (73%).  And her big ‘ol noggin grew by 1.5 cm (47.5 cm; 94%).  Since she hasn’t been so sick these past few months she has caught up with weight and now weighs similarly to what Syd did at 12-months but she is a whole inch and a half-taller than Syd was at a year.

2013-06-28 19.55.40

sweet Ing with a bunny on her head

She got her shots and passed all her other developmental milestone tests at her well-check.  Royce took her so I don’t have much more details to provide about the visit.

We recently had Royce’s friend Dain, and his wife Crystal come for a visit.  The intention was to get 1-year photos of Ingrid and some family shots too (some of the photos from one of our sessions are up on her blog).  It was fun to have such good friends around for a week.  Although I found out I’m officially to old to stay up til 1 AM at a concert.  It was fun to pretend to be young though.

2013-06-22 20.39.22

night on the town — I’m actually sober in these photos…

Since we had some extra hands we also decided to take Syd to the Nationals game.  Her first time at National’s Stadium!  It was sweltering the day we went, so when we got home we all promptly changed into swim gear and headed to the pool to cool off.

2013-06-23 13.20.38-1

Syd’s first Nationals game

Work has been crazy lately, and I do not see a light at the end of the tunnel.  I find myself dreaming often of just quitting and moving somewhere where we can live without my income, and I can do yoga all day, and sew, and pick up photography again…and not be stressed out.  Do to circumstances I get a feeling this may be a reality rather than a dream if the current pace of things keeps up.  I’ve got about $15k I need to get out of the federal government for student loan repayment and once I get that…my desire to stay will be much much less.

2013-06-29 09.34.12-2

Saturday AM at work with Mama


Ingrid is 1-year old!  We’ve gone from this:


to this:


E-gads.  Amazing how much can change in one year.  This past month Ingrid did great.  We finally had a month that wasn’t entirely sponsored by Baby Advil and Tylenol! Hooray!

She is still our sweet happy little thing.  Not much really sets her off (if she is feeling well).  She can fall down or get frustrated with a toy, and still maintain her composure (this is much different from Syd). She also isn’t much for the separation anxiety hysteria that usually sets in around this time. Granted, it could come later, but for the most part when I leave her with a baby-sitter or drop her off at school she is perfectly content.


She started standing up independently this month! She loves to just stand and wave her toys around to get our attention.  She is still pretty wobbly, but each day gets more secure on those two chubby legs.  With the help of a push-toy she is also getting really good at walking and just seems so proud of herself when she does it. She isn’t as busy as Sydney was who seemed to be constant motion all the time, but she is wiggly…changing her is…exhausting.  She is also a wicked fast crawler; it’s funny to hear how fast she can move on the hard wood floors. It’s even fun to watch because she puts her head down and just crawls like heck.


A new tooth appeared this month too; one of her front teeth poked through last week and I think she is working on the other one.

Ingrid does a great job at self play but always loves playing with and watching Sydney too.  She will contently take items and put them in baskets/bags or bang things together. She loves exploring everything in Sydney’s kitchen and can already open and shut the doors with dexterity.  In general she does a great job of problem solving without getting frustrated which is…refreshing.


Her talking is hit or miss. She really babbles up a storm in the car for some reason.  She has gone from repeating one sound to more of a babble.  She occasionally will repeat sounds we make but that’s hit-or-miss. Still no da-da’s or ma-ma’s directed at us meaningfully.  We haven’t been as vigilant with the sign-language with her, but she seems to grasp some of it a bit or at least will mimic our movements.

I’m glad to report her sleeping has improved greatly since she has been less sick these past few months. She goes down around 7:30 and can sleep til 6/6:30.  She will even play a bit (throw all her toys out of her crib) in the mornings before requiring intervention from us!  I’m looking forward to catching up on some much-needed sleep!

I am still breastfeeding her in the mornings and before bed.  She will be transitioned soon from breast-milk to whole milk during the days at school once the frozen milk supply runs out.  Her solid intake has gotten more varied as well and she can eat mostly anything now that doesn’t involve a lot of chewing (steak, pork chops).  Her preference is fruits and veggies though; not much of a meat eater!  She loves peaches, pears, berries, grapes and peas — adores peas.


There is no denying it, Ingrid is a thumb-sucker. Syd was always a paci girl so this is new to us.  The minute someone picks her up her thumb goes straight in her mouth and at bedtime its the first thing she does when I lay her down.  She loves to crawl in my lap, lay her head on my chest and suck her thumb which makes me melt a bit inside each time.

Her 12-month well-check is next week and I’ll update this post with her stats then!


Gah where has time gone? I can’t believe in < 30 days I’ll be saying Ingrid is 1-year old.

2013-04-13 16.52.08

Month 11 was a good one. Only faint days of sickness, only one day home from school, and for the most part a fairly happy kid. Teething has a way to throw kinks into any happy child, and although we still only have 2 teeth to show for the screaming, me thinks she is working on a few more that will show themselves soon.

2013-04-09 07.29.01

Ingrid got much better at eating this month. She shovels anything and everything in. She is good at eating vegetables and loves peas, green beans, and broccoli. Fruit cocktail, peaches and pears is hands down her favorite thing in the world. It’s funny to watch her grab large handfuls of the slippery chunks as she tries to get all the pieces in her mouth. And like all kids she loves spaghetti; since both kids eat that well we probably have it once a week (yawn). She is mostly on non pureed self-feeding solids now. She will still suck down a pouch (yes at this point she will hold them herself and suck the food out – how easy is that?) or two a night of stage 2 baby food but that will soon come to an end because I’m tired of storing them (unless she is still behind on her growth statistics in which cause I’ll store whatever will fatten her up). She is still in 6-9 month clothes and I’m really really sick of them.  Looking forward to getting her into some new 9-month stuff soon even though she is nearly 12-months old!

One of Ingrid’s quirks is her ‘talking’ when she eats. She makes these “nom, nom, nom” noises like she is trying to tell us how much she likes what she is eating. She only makes them if she seemingly is ‘enjoying’ her meal, and even daycare gets a kick out of her little singing while eating habit.  I caught her on video the other day if you want to check out a long clip with some messy eating. She also does the same ‘dizzy dizzy’ stuff her sister did, which this video also captures briefly at the beginning.

2013-03-30 16.18.57

We are working on signing with her like we did with her sister. She loves to imitate what we are doing but I’m not sure she understands what it all means yet.  Someday, slowly she will.  She is also successfully taking water from a sippy! This was way easier than it was with Sydney. Then again Ingrid didn’t go on a bottle strike either and throw the entire ‘what will she take milk out of?!!?’ panic that Syd put us through.  She is still breastfeeding but I’ll start to wean her soon.  I would like to just get down to an AM and a night-time feed so that I can stop pumping at work.  We will see…my supply in the freezer is dwindling so that always gives me pause each time I consider leaving the pump at home. Either way the time is near and I’ll be free at last soon! Very soon! Yay!!!

2013-04-07 08.49.06

Ingrid isn’t walking yet without assistance but I feel like it will happen soon.  This is strange since I look back at Syds photos from this time and she was already a pro at walking!  Towards the end of the month Ingrid started getting a little more confident and will let go of objects she is holding onto when standing. She is still pretty wobbly but I think free-standing will happen any day now.  She can walk with the assistance of a push toy which we discovered this weekend and captured here and here (I just couldn’t choose which video was cuter so you get two…).

2013-04-03 07.21.48

Even though she isn’t walking she gets around pretty good with crawling. She is wicked fast. I’ve caught myself running across the kitchen so I can close the stair gate more times than I care to admit. Sydney was never this curious…Ingrid is always into something, exploring something, eating something she shouldn’t be eating, attempting to reach something she shouldn’t get.  She keeps us on our toes.

2013-04-07 11.50.51

Thankfully the weather has been getting nicer so we have been able to spend a lot of time outside.  Between the deck and the front yard we are out as often as we can be.  Much of my afternoon is spent on that polkda-dot blanket with the girls, reading, eating, soaking up the sun and heckling the neighbors.

All and all it was a good month (finally). We had some rough nights alone since I’m starting to ‘wean’ myself off babysitters too.  Now that Ingrid isn’t feeding at 6 PM there is really no excuse (other than my own selfishness) to have help at night when Royce is working.  On a good night the girls do a decent job playing together while I get supper ready and do the bottle washing/making and breakfast prep routine. There are some nights when both kids are at their worst when I wonder how I survive and two thoughts help me get through 1) I’m not pregnant and 2) each bad night is one less bad night I have ahead of me.  Soon I’ll be done with bottles and teething and weekly colds and cry-unless-you-hold-me and getting woken up in the middle of the night; and knowing that this is the last time I have to deal with these stages is all the peace I need.

10 months

Another month has gone and Ingrid keeps doing new things all the time.  She started pulling up quite a bit this month, and can pull up and sit back down with ease.  No cruising yet, she kind of stares at her feet in confusion when they seem to not be in the place she desires them.  Silly girl. She is a curious little thing and loves to destroy whatever she can get her hands on.


this is a strange fabric scrap filled toy you made me mama.

I was hoping this month would be a sick-free month of smiles and giggles but we had yet another ear infection spoil those plans.  The infection must have cleared up despite our stopping the antibiotic.  Although that was the only fever inducing illness she had she currently has a cold so we (OK mostly me) are still suffering through midnight awakenings.  I’m starting to wonder if I’m ever going to get sleep.


home sick and listening to Mama’s workshop online.

This month marked the end of the baby bath tub!!!  So excited to be able to discontinue another piece of plastic crap out of my house!  Bath time is much fun with the two of them in there and super easy.  It’s sometimes the only quiet I get all night.


taking a big girl bath with sister.

Her solid food eating has gotten better, but it’s not fantastic.  She is much pickier than Sydney was, but I think most of her issues are texture related.  She slams broccoli but spits out pasta.  Who knows.



We are still breastfeeding.  Her feedings are more frequent than I like them to be at this stage in the game but I can’t seem to get her to either drop one or take more at each feeding so we are at a 5 feeds per day (well 6 if you count 3 AM Ugh) stand still.

She has been super consistently fussy at night around dinner time which isn’t fun.  I do not enjoy the screaming-while-you-try-to-figure-out-what-I-want stage at all.

OK enough complaining.  Month 10 was hard.  Hope springs eternal that Month 11 will be better!

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