A sewing update

So I started writing this post on Nov 19th — to say it’s a bit delayed is an understatement.  Needless to say, I’ve been working on a few things here and there but haven’t had the chance to post.

I finished this Tea Party Sundress for Sydney a loooonnng time ago.


Tea Party Sundress

It’s not really sundress season here anymore but that is what layering is for right?  I’ve had this pattern for what seems like eons and I had to do something with it fast since it only went up to 18-24 month size.  I kept dragging my feet because I couldn’t find coordinating prints that inspired me.  I would find something for the skirt but then couldn’t find something ‘just right’ for the bodice.  I found some fabric in MN when we were there this August – although not an ideal shopping trip because I only had my prescription sunglasses with me – I did come home with some awesome scores from The Crafty Planet.  It has also been very hard to stay away from birds; everything these days has birds on it – and they are all beautiful designs!  Syd already has two bird dresses so I needed to do something different.  I wasn’t all that ecstatic about this fabric, particularly because they are not fall/winter colors, but I have to say this looks really cute on little Syd.  The skirt is made from Dandelion from Alexander Henry and the bodice uses Amy Butler’s Sunspots from her Love collection.  You may remember, this dress was featured at her birthday party.  Sadly the Tea Party Sundress pattern is out of print now but I’m hoping O&S brings it back as a digital download because I would love to make this one again when Syd gets older.


Flat piping detail

It has such yummy detailing and went together so smoothly. I really love sewing from Oliver & S patterns!   Which is why I made another one recently…this time it was the A-line skirt from the Sunday Brunch pattern.  I used some stretch corduroy from my stash that I had bought to make a skirt for myself.  She looks so grown up when she is wearing it!


Grown up skirt

I’ve also made some simple elastic waist skirts for Syd to layer over tights and pair with plain turtlenecks or tops. These are fun to do because they take such little fabric…. the one below I made out of fabric scraps from a gift I gave a coworker.  One skirt I made from Michael Miller Bicycles in Bloom and the other in Joel Dewberry Sparrows in Cavern. She is wearing the bicycle one today so you only get a picture of sparrows.


More birds!

Next up is my Made By Rae’s Lickety Split bag. I feel like I’ve had this bag forever but I never blogged about it. I’ve been using it daily for a purse and diaper bag since the summer — hence why it’s so dingy looking in the photos but if you wanted a clean bag you would never get a photo so no judgement please!


Lickety Split Bag

I used her pleated pocket tutorial so that the pockets held bottles/sippys better and I extended the strap so that I could use it as a cross shoulder bag (just FYI this will require purchase of 1.25 to 1.5 yards of fabric instead of 1).  The fabrics are both from Joel Dewberry’s Aviary 2 collection; Sparrows in plum and Lodge Lattice in lilac.


4 pleated pockets = 4 sippy cups transported

I have fabric to make another one in some more wintry colors I just have to find the time to put it together!

Lastly, a little project for myself!  I purchased some yummy velveteen (Anna Maria Horner Woodcut in Crimson) and cotton voile (Valori Wells Wren in Mandarin) to make a Figure 8 scarf.  This scarf was also featured  at Syds birthday party.


Cozy figure 8 in warm colors

I love the versatility of the double layers, not to mention it keeps my neck cozy warm.  It’s a bit short as I only had 52 inch length to work with (pattern recommends  72 inches) but it suffices.

I have a few things I made for Syd for Christmas that I’ll post about later, in addition to a dress for her I finished this week that is waiting for a washing to get rid of all the chalk marks. I’ve got a lot of other projects up my sleeve as well so hopefully my next sewing post won’t be to far away!


  1. I have some of that same AMH velveteen for an infinity scarf! Though my voile for the reverse is also AMH. Just have to sew it together.

    You definitely should post your projects more often. Always helps me get inspired 🙂

    • I’ll try! The rate limiting step is the taking the photos and getting them on the computer. : D

      Can’t wait to see your scarf! When I ordered my fabric online (not from AMH) they didn’t have any good matching voile’s from her line so I got another one (guess what it has birds on it! LOL). Did you order a kit from her website? I wish I would have…just so it could be longer…

      • I did order a kit and I’m glad I did. I got the appropriate length without having to buy a bunch of extra yardage. I’m sure I could have come up with something to do with the extra yardage but I have so much other fabric to use up that it’s nice to not have even more to use!

  2. Soo smart although those fabrics are so yummy I could find ways to deal with the extra yardage — gifts, skirts — come to mind. Next time I’ll know better! I just wasn’t liking any of the combos AMH had in her kits, they were a bit to busy for my tastes!


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