The day we became husband + wife

Today is our first wedding anniversary.  And if I had the I had the time and $$ I would do it all over again exactly the same way because it was a great fun time.  I think at this very moment we were taking photos at the church, but instead of being bored and annoyed we were laughing and making fun of Albert answering his phone in the middle of a wedding party shot (well everyone except for Royce who was dutifully smiling at the camera).

It has been a great first year.  Tonight we are out to celebrate our greatness at Central Michel Richard.  It has been getting rave reviews but as I stated before I’m leary of restaurants which are named after the chef.   Even if it is pretentious I know I’ll have great company that will mock the place right along with me. 

I think this is a new RSVP record.

I got an RSVP yesterday for our wedding.  Yep, an RSVP for an event that occurred almost 3 months ago.  Amazing huh?  Makes you wonder why they even bothered to keep it around this long and what triggered them to finally send it.

It has been a fairly lazy week here.  Work is work and home is home.  Tonight is all about steak and The District Chophouse.  Can’t wait!  We have a big 3-day weekend ahead of us.  Saturday we will be going to Home Depot to make final decisions on the bath vanity and counter-top and place the order.  I also need to decide on a paint color for the dining room so that we can get rolling on that.  Sunday, I have my first cooking club meeting.  I’m very excited to meet all the girls involved and hope I can make some new friends out of this adventure.  Having good food around will also be a plus.  Later that night we have been invited over to our friends Karen and Dan’s house for some dinner and football.  So I get 2 dinners on Sunday, I guess I’ll have to fast on Monday then.

What I’m reading:  “Q & A” by Vikas Swarup.  Great book.  I can’t put it down.  It is taking all the discipline I have to keep me from shutting my office door right now and start reading it.  I guess if I left it at home I wouldn’t be so tempted.  I got into books with Indian protagonists after reading “The Namesake” and “The Interpreter of Maladies” by Jhumpa Lahari, both of which I highly recommend. 

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