The thing about the internet is you have access to experience so many things that you can’t help but envy others at times.  It can be consuming.  Especially when you feel like their situation is so much better than yours (I try to keep a fairly level head assuming they have different stress than I can think of/do not experience).

Regardless these are the things/people I’m crushing on right now.

  • I want this woman’s career. Seriously…cuteness.  I totally found out too late in life that I enjoy sewing and design.  If I only wasn’t tossed outta home EC classes each year because of marching band.  Life choices…yup they can affect LIFE.
  • If someone was to walk up to me tomorrow and say I had to quit my job and move to CO I would go without protest and align my lifestyle to something similar to this peaceful crafty mama.  Just reading her blog lowers my blood pressure.
  • Discovery Communications is in Silver Spring. How can I get a job with these people?

Am I the only one that does this?  Who would you want to be/do if you could do it over again (assuming everything in your life that you want to stay exactly the same would be a constant)?

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