Kitchen – Backsplash

Dave came over to put up our backsplash on Thursday.  I heard it was a pain in the ass to deal with (the tile, not me). 

We went with glass tile which is all the rage these days for kitchens and bathrooms and mantels and lots of other places you can think of to stick tile.  Check it out…it can get pretty insane.  When I first saw my tile (at HomeExpo of all places when we were looking for the floor) I fell in love.  The colors were perfect, they blended in the cabinets to our dining room.  It was subdude but it poped.  It just fit (even the snobby lady at Architectural Ceramics agreed with me).

Oceanside Glass tile – Tessera Collection – Mosaic Blend – Color:  Enchantment

It's pretty right?  The standard 1 x 1 pattern wasn't doing it for me though…I liked the variability of the random modular pattern (example below).  I guess installing this pattern was a lot harder than the standard 1×1 becuase of the way they ship the sheets…Sorry Dave! 

In the end I still think it is lovely.  These photos were taken during grout prep.

And this is a random photo of Charlie with his creepy rat like hair cut.  This is what happens when you go too long between trims…they have to cut him really short to get the mats out of his hair.  Poor Charlie.  He does blend in nicely with our new kitchen though


Kitchen Day 23 – Back in action

Paul the plumber made it through the snow & ice to hook up our water and gas lines.  Tonight we were able to have our first dinner in the new kitchen.  Royce described it as my sanctuary.  I can’t complain…it is beautiful.  I still can’t believe we waited this long to get this project going.  Cooking is my favorite thing after all.  We made a simple dish of vodka cream sauce.  All my hesitation about the new gas stove (I’ve never cooked on gas before) has been erased.  It is so responsive and WAY easier to clean up than my old electric coils.  I have a feeling this kitchen will have many more good meals to come.

Tomorrow our floors will be sealed and I think our backsplash is in so Royce will go pick that up.  We may have it all completed by Friday!

Counter tops!

Our counter tops were installed today and they sure are nice.  We went with Silestone…basically manufactured granite.  Color:  Beige Olimpo.  The backsplash will be the focal point here so we had to go with a plain counter…which is fine…it looks smashing. Dave also installed the pulls we purchased this weekend.  More are coming in the mail…we could only find 28 in-stock and we need 34.

Tomorrow as long as the plumber can make it to our house (threat of ice) will be our ‘go live’ day.  He is hooking up the sink, washer, range.  Our first planned dinner isn’t anything too difficult b/c I wasn’t sure I would have all my tools in their proper places.  We plan on making a simple penne with vodka cream sauce.  Can’t wait!

And I finally caught a photo with Dave…he is hard at work framing our window out with the pieces he stained that match perfectly to our cabinet.  Such detail!

Kitchen Day 18

I feel like we almost have our house back!  The kitchen floor went in yesterday.  The ‘bubble wall’ came down today.  And I’m slowly starting to peal my protective plastic back from the living room furniture and vacuum around the areas.  I’m hopeful that this weekend I can get the dining room set back up and the living room back to a room for living, instead of a hermetically sealed off-limits room.  Tomorrow we are going to search for nobs and hopefully this weekend I can get them all purchased.  So far we are still on schedule for an active functional kitchen 6 days from today!

I can’t believe this has happened so fast!

Kitchen projection

Contractor Dave (I really gotta get a picture of him!) was over yesterday doing small things to the kitchen.  The range hood went in, and he put in the over-sink lights and under-cabinet lights.  Which got me thinking there are A LOT of small things in addition to big things.  As to the big things that are left, I guess electrical should be finished on Monday, Counter-top man is coming Tuesday (when we will be attempting to drive back from WV) which means that a week from Tuesday (the 27th) our counter-tops will be installed.  Then Wednesday, Paul the Plumber is coming to hook up the sink, range and fridge. 

So our first projection is that we will have a functional working kitchen by Wednesday Jan 28th.  That means this entire process only took 23 days if everything goes right.  And here I was preparing for 4-6 weeks of no-kitchen.  We still have a lot of frozen meals to eat!  The only problems I see for thwarting our success are if the counter-top people don’t keep their appointments, or if Paul the Plumber has an emergency plumbing thing to attend to.  Of course there is still many finishing touches that need to be done like the floor…backsplash…window.  I’m sure Dave has those somewhere in his schedule. 

In other news, Royce found our backsplash for $12 cheaper (than other tile stores in the area) at HomeExpo of all places.  And its scheduled to only take 2 weeks to arrive (compared to 4-8 weeks from the tile stores) and they ship it directly to us.  I guess it pays to shop around…and include all those places you never thought would be cheaper.  I’m not a fan of big-box stores but when we are talking about saving upwards of $500 on tile I’ll happily spend my $$ there.

Next thing for me to figure out…knobs.  And geez there are a lot to consider!

Kitchen Day 11

The remainder of the cabinets were installed today.  It’s starting to look a lot more like a functional kitchen now.  I of course made sure all the doors and drawers opened properly like a giddy kid.  Rumor has it our range will be hooked up by the time we return from West Virginia.  We are escaping the inaguration chaos here and are bunkering down in the woods.  Looking forward to some skiing and general relaxation not to mention being able to cook some food in the cabin kitchen.

Kitchen Days 4-9

More destruction on Day 3.  Removal of floor and construction of new sub-floor and new wall.

Day 8….cabinets and stove arrive! and spackling begins.

Day 9.  Sanding, ceiling painting, and the first cabinet installation.

It is all leading up to Tuesday

I’m impressed with the progress on the kitchen.  This may actually get done (expect the back-splash) in a month.  We decided on a back-splash today and I’m guessing it will take 4-8 weeks to arrive once we put in the order, which we haven’t done yet…shopping around for prices. Glass tile is $$$!  Who knew?  Also faucets…gee-maney you can spend a lot if you want to!  I was like seriously $800-1000 for a stinkin faucet?  I think not!  And off to the Great Indoors we went and found a nice mid-range Moean for a steal…and if I don’t like it in 5 years I won’t feel guilty about replacing something that cost $199.  You may have gathered today was a busy day.  We completed shopping for the back-splash, the countertop and the faucet.  None have good internet links so you will just have to wait for the final pictures.

Up until today Dave has been busy demoloshing and building.  Friday the electrical people were over and I sure and glad I was home becuase these guys had no idea what all the switches went to.  It’s also helpful becuase now I know I got my plugs where I want them.  Was quite annoying working from home in the dark though.  I think Dave will start spackling drywall on Monday…which means more dust will be in our near future when he starts sanding.

Tuesday is the plumber, the arrival of the stove and cabinets and the completion of the electrical work.  It will be a busy day at casa Burns.  Can’t wait!

Kitchen Day 1 & 2

First of all…you gotta give our guy credit for his thoughtfulness to keep our house relatively clean. Check out this set up he made in the archway between the dining and living room.  He fashioned a door (which Royce and I are joking is the only door in the house that opens and closes properly) and sealed the area with plastic.  Its like this creepy bubble passage way. 

He got all the counter-tops and cabinets out on Day 1.  I’m not feeling sentimental anymore now that everything is gone.

Day 2 was the wall and bulkhead removal.  The messiest job next to dry walling and I have to say there is not much dust anywhere in the house except in the sealed bubble.

And for those of you who are wondering how we are surviving w/o a kitchen (considering we cook every night)…I fashioned a makeshift area in the laundry room.  The important staples are present (coffee maker, microwave) and we also got a toaster oven from a neighbor and the camping stove is on stand by if needed.  It actually is not that bad.  I was able to make my lunch-salad yesterday with no problems.  I also froze a lot of food the over the past months (lasagna, enchiladas, soups, meatballs) so that we can hopefully avoid eating out each night which comes with its downfalls for both our waistline and our pocketbook. 

Kitchen Before

I got everything cleaned out and organized last night and I even had a chance to take the obligatory ‘before’ shots.

The cherished double-ovens.  Although nice…are rather small and a typical cookie sheet does not fit well.  We traded in for a standard range. The door goes out to the deck, and to the left and down is the staircase to the basement.

View of the main cooking corner.  Yes beer is needed for any renovation.

View of the sink area.  The window will be replaced with a ‘green house’ type bay window so that I can grow herbs.

View of the fridge area.  This wall will be knocked down and the fridge will be moved.

View into the dining room.

The pantry.  This will stay but will be integrated into cabinets.

View from dining room into kitchen.  The wall to the left will be going… going… gone.

The living room ready for demolition. 

View from the front door.

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