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Ingrid turned 3 back in May. In comparison, Ingrid was a much easier 2-year old than Syd was, but that had a lot to do with Sydney dedicating her second year to not pooping. Ingrid wasn’t prone to tantrums, was relatively content watching other children or pestering her sister.  They also play well together so I can’t really complain to much when they argue over a project or toy. I often would find Syd in Ingrid’s crib playing with her in the mornings; always melted my heart.


Potty training was *relatively* simple for Ingrid although the processes was a bit forced against us by day-care which both she and I resisted.  They started transitioning her into panties back in March, but Ingrid wanted nothing to do with it here at home so I usually just let her wear diapers when she wanted to because I didn’t want to deal with a screaming child over something I didn’t think she was ready for anyways. It all worked out for us in the end, just took longer than it did with Sydney. In the end she was potty trained by the time she turned 3 and accidents are few and far between (but happened way more than they did with Syd!).

UntitledIngrid is a sweet funny little thing.  Full of silly smiles and coyness. I don’t feel like we have the mental battles I did with Sydney, but maybe I’m still distracted by the mental battles Sydney keeps throwing at me to much mind noticing those from Ingrid. Untitled

Ingrid isn’t much of a talker. She has definitely taken to words slower than Sydney and her peers.  One of her friends at school can talk circles compared to Ingrid. I would blame it on having an older sibbling who is around to do all the talking for her but her comparator classmate has an equally (if not more) verbose older brother the same age as Syd.


Ingrid is definitely known by her silly hair. She got her mom’s curly fro that is usually a rats nest each morning and typically looks that way throughout the day.  It fits her personality though so I hope it never changes! Untitled

Its funny, Syd’s 3-year post was all about her favorite color and how we were working on letters and phonics. I can confidently say I have no idea what Ingrid’s favorite color is because she either never voiced such a strong opinion or has been fickle about the concept.  We haven’t sat down and gone over letters with her once that I can recall. I never got far with Sydney on the concept so I leave the education to school and try to fill her days in with play and reading.  Oh how your time-priorities change when you have two kids to focus on instead of one!


In addition to a joint day-care party with one of her close friends, we had a quiet birthday party here at home among our neighborhood friends per tradition.  We had a Doc McStuffin’s themed cup-cake cake from the bakery and Ingrid seemed less than impressed with the cake and our signing apparently.

Ingrid had her 3-year well visit on May 19th.  Since her 2-year visit she gained 6.6 pounds and weighs in at 32 lbs (64%).  She grew 2.5 inches, and is now 37.25 inches tall (45%).  No head measurements are done at the 3-year visit but I can assure you Ingrid’s head is plenty big!  Some of it may be the hair though. For the most part Ingrid is a tank compared to Syd at 3 (who was the same height but weighed only 28 lbs).  Poor Ingrid is built like her mama from her head to her bones!  I wonder if that is why the pediatrician calculated her BMI for us…16.2 (65%)…

Ingrid still seems so much more of a baby to me than Syd did at 3 and I don’t know why…I’m in no hurry for it to change much though since she will always be my baby!


Ingrid is TWO

Darling Ranges

We had Ingrid’s birthday party at the house on Sunday. A few friends and some hot dogs on the grill and some cake. The weather was perfection so we brought out the bounce house and the kids kept pretty entertained.


For a Mother’s Day Sunday it wasn’t the most relaxing of days for me (will it ever be?) but it was worth it to be surrounded by such awesome friends to celebrate Ingrid.


It wasn’t the best of days for poor Ingy, she was rather cranky (frankly I was too so I can’t blame her), but she pulled it off.


Although her reaction to her cake was quite surprising to me because she typically loves cake…and cookie Monster.


As in past years I’m trying to make the girls a dress for the birthday (in addition to the ones I make throughout the rest of the year). I cut this Ice Cream Dress out along with another for Syd this past winter, but never sewed it up. After an hour on Friday afternoon and two hours on Saturday morning it was finished though…just in time for Sunday! Thankfully I am familiar with the construction of this pattern so it went together quickly even with all the detailed finishing touches which make Oliver & S patterns so sweet.

ice cream dress

The fabric was from my stash and was given to me by my friend Katie. Its an old line from Oliver and S; Modern Workshop. I think the blue really complemented her sad little blue eyes nicely.  There are more photos up on Flickr — click that good-looking family below to go see some more!


Happy Birthday Ingrid!

We celebrated Ingrid’s first birthday here at home with few of our friends and their kids.  It was as relaxing as 8 adults and 10  kids can be.  We had great weather so the big kids enjoyed a bouncy house out front and the little kids enjoyed watching the big kids bounce.  Salad, veggies and pizza were served for supper and of course there was cake!  Ingrid loved her cake, she really dug down and got nice and messy;  just like a good first birthday girl should do.  Click on the messy baby below to see more of her first birthday party!


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