One more room done

Our hard working house guests have done a great amount of work this weekend.  You can see the progress of our projects as well as some photos of the new bathroom here

They arrived on Wednesday afternoon and when I arrived home at 4 PM they were already demolishing the guest bedroom closet.  This bedroom  had 2 closets, I’m assuming a ‘his’ and ‘hers’ as the previous owners used this room as their master.  Due to the size and the issues with two swinging doors opening and closing we wanted to make these 2 closets into one big one with a nice sliding door.  This turned out to be a bigger project than we anticipated.  First we had to add some items to our tool arsenal to finish the demolition, and thankfully I was able to return the power drill I got as a wedding gift from my co-workers to get something else at Sears…I think Royce traded it in for some power tool set with a handsaw and some other fancy items.  I’ve really been too busy to catch up on all the purchases as of late.  Due to the wall that used to be in the middle of the closet we had to fabricate a patch for the wooden floor…something we didn’t think of when dreaming about our big new closet.  The project isn’t done yet…they are having trouble getting the plaster to dry.  I think they are going to get it as good as they can get it before leaving and then the rest will be up to us.  Fine by me…they got us this far I think we can take it the rest of the way.

The other big project was the dining room.  We had bought the paint for this room a while back but never got around to it because of the water-mishap that took priority that long weekend in January.  Royce’s Mom and Dianne did most of the painting.  We finished that up yesterday and last night Royce and Cory did a stand-up job putting up the crown moulding.  Now I just need to decide on a window treatment, which is proving difficult because I’m trying to cover a sliding glass door that is gigantic AND I don’t want a single pull system because it will imbalance the room.

To top it off Cory bought a new door for our guest bathroom and installed it for us.  With the old door you had to body check it to get it to close and then you always wondered if you were going to have the strength to open it.  It was so warped, it was pathetic and that is even with our 25% humidity in the house.  Now we have a new door that you can close with a push of a finger.  What a concept!   We haven’t done only housework.  Thursday they went to the National Mall when I was at work and they walked the monuments.  Friday night after a hard days work we went to our local pub for some pizza and beers.  Yesterday we went out to the National Air and Space Museum which was lots of fun, and today we are going to spend this beautiful spring-like day walking around Annapolis, MD. 

I think that is about it. Oh wait…Royce and I bought a couch and two chairs for the living room.  After a long search (well really it wasn’t…while we were looking for dining room furniture we always kept our eyes out for sofas but could never find something ‘just right’…they were always too soft) we went to England Custom furniture, which is affiliated with LazyBoy and had something made to our picky standards.  The entire process only took us 30 minutes which seems like light speed compared to the 4 hours it took for our dining room furniture.  Amazingly this stuff is a better deal than anything you can get out of mega furniture marts here or Pottery Barn, or Ethan Allen…and I like the fact I could pick my own fabric (both are microfiber and the couch will be a beige and the chairs will be a light green) and hardness of the cushions and by gosh its only going to take 2 weeks to get here.  Wow!  After we get the sofa and chairs we will make a decision on whether or not we have room for a loveseat.

I think the month of April we will be exercising some financial restraint that is for sure!  Well maybe not…we still have patio furniture to buy and April is about the time that stuff stars to pop up into stores.

New toys, I mean blankets

Charlie got some presents today from Mom Bullock.  She sent us two fleece blankets since Charlie loves ours so much.  Needless to say Charlie had lots of fun with his blankets this morning.  He wrestled them, and bit them, and drug them everywhere around the house with him.  He likes his new presents…thanks Mom! 

Our day was fairly un-eventful.  Royce had to stay longer at work than expected and didn’t get home until 6:30 AM so he slept pretty much the entire afternoon while I just putzed around the house.  When he woke up we took Charlie for a walk and made a trip to the library.  We went to the neighborhood pub to watch the Chiefs game this evening.  Pizza was great, football was awful.  I can’t believe that first half…very painful to watch.

Now we arejust chillin in the living room with a fire going enjoying some hot chocolate planning our day for tomorrow.  We have some bathroom fixtures to pick out before Dave can start on our master bath so I’m sure a trip to Home Depot is in order.  I also wouldn’t mind finding some paint for the dining room so that we can start on that project next weekend.

Wierd Dog

So I thought (and our vet even told us) that when dogs get their shots they become a bit sleepy and lethargic for a couple of days.  Not Charlie, he is as hyper as ever.  Right now he is running around with his toys and biting me.  He likes to pull all of them out of his crate and bring them to me on the couch.  Strange dog.  I hope he calms down a bit before bedtime or I’m in for a long night since Royce works the 11p-7a shift tonight.

I didn’t get any good shopping done today as I had hoped. Royce has come down with a cold (I’m sure I’ll have it by the weekend) so he wasn’t in the mood to try on clothes, I really don’t blame him.   We went to Cost-Co instead since we needed papertowels because Charlie whiped out our stock by peeing all over the house.  While there we scored a new rug for the dining room.  Its no Pottery Barn rug, but it is a lot cheaper and will last as long as Charlie can chew through it, and honestly it looks pretty darn good.  The room is coming together.  We need to decide on some paint colors, maybe we will tackle painting this room over the long MLK birthday weekend.  For those of you who like pictures (Mom)…here is what it currently looks like.

Once we decide on paint, I can get some window coverings so we can get rid of that horrible valance.  Charlie pooped on the main curtains so all that is left is the sheers which really don’t do much but block his reflection when he starts barking at it.  Also, some day very far away from now, the wall on the right will be taken down to open up the kitchen.  We will probably put an open island right there for an informal breakfast nook.

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