Little Red Riding Hood and her “Big” Bad Wolf


This year for Halloween we ventured outside of the woodland creatures for the first time! Well for Syd at least…


Syd was Little Red Riding Hood and Ingrid played the part of the Big Bad Wolf…but she was more of a grumpy wolf at first since she refused to put on her costume once it was time to suit up and head out.  She finally cheered up once I showed her how adorable she was and after a good game of chasing her tail which put a smile on everyone.


I went as Grandma and Royce was our woodsman but he got stuck at work too late to partake in a family photo.


Both of the girls capes were from the Oliver + S “Little Things to Sew” book.  I think this is the third year I’ve made Halloween costumes from an item in this book. Typically I use the cozy hood but couldn’t resist the cape for Little Red Riding Hood this year.  After looking at other Wolf patterns it occurred to me that I could use the cape for Ingrid too.


The capes went together quickly. Ingrid’s required a bit of hand sewing because of bulk from the layers of fur at the hood line.  Other than fur everywhere in my sewing room it wasn’t actually all that hard to work with!  Ingrid’s cape is lined with felt and in hindsight I should have used something lighter like sweat shirt fleece or even fleece because it was a heavy cape.


Syds was made from the Let’s Pretend line of “velvet” and “satin” from Joann’s.  Since I had to add 9 inches to the pattern it took a LOT of fabric and I didn’t have luck scoring real velvet and satin from a remnant table like I did last year.  She still loves it all the same and it does still look rather luscious. Syd’s apron was self drafted and I added a rick rack heart for some fun.


More pictures are up on Flickr!


  1. fiveandcountingblogspotcomau says:

    What great costumes, well done!

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