Not for the faint at heart

Life with a dog can be hard.  Finding sitters or kennels when you go out-of-town.  Walking.  Picking up feces.  Finding vomit in strange places early in the morning.  Most of those ‘hardships’ I don’t mind…maybe it’s because I grew up with a dog and am used to them all.

The searching and destroying of Sydney’s toys however is bothersome.  It’s like each night I should put on the James Bond theme music while he saunters around the house looking for his next victim.  Most nights you just find his prey on the floor in the living room un-harmed.  Overnight they must have these long discussions about how the toy would rather be moved from its current location to the middle of the living room floor.  He does this with her toys, shoes, hats, burp cloths…really anything he can get his big brown snozzle into.  And it’s not like we are leaving these things in areas where he should be snozzeling in the first place.

Last night however came the massacre of Bao Bao bear — Syd’s paci bear that she loves.  Bao Bao and his dismembered arm joins the ranks of the faceless Hawkeye bear that Charlie attacked sometime during Syds first month.  It brings so  much sorrow to see these poor beat-up guys.

Bao Bao is in rehab today (washing machine…then sewing machine…I promise to use plenty of anesthetic) and will return to the force.  Hopefully Syd can see through his disability and love him just the same.


Big day here…even Charlie participated.  Well not really, but we would like to think that if he could vote he would vote for the brown candidate since he is a brown dog.  : D

Tonight we will be watching the polls and enjoying some Chicago deep dish pizza in support of our candidate!  Go Obama!

Bad Dog

These are the guilty eyes of a very bad dog.  We are having friends over tonight for steak au poivre so I dutifully set out my frozen filets this morning so that they could thaw.  As I was downstairs working, Charlie-the-bad-dog, was upstairs having a feast of frozen meat.  I only found out when he decided to bring one of the meat hunks down to the basement to gnaw on.  When I went up stairs to investigate the damage the plate was empty of the 4 beautiful steaks I set out.  I found one under the table…I assume the other two are in his tummy.

A well traveled pup indeed

Charlie (and us) got to go to NJ and PA (and we drove trough DE) this lovely labor day weekend.  

It was an exciting time for all.  The purpose of our trip was to visit my old UB fellowship mentor and his offspring in NJ.  It was fun catching up, touring his new house (castle?) and playing with the kids.  I brought my camera and tested it out on the many photogenic subjects at my disposal.

Royce made a friend with Patrick’s daughter and played a lovely game of croquet…her favorite.  

Charlie behaved nicely with the kids.  It was a constant cat and mouse chase game.  He would chase the kids…they would scream and run away…the kids would chase him…he would run and hide behind us.  Fun really.  

Mostly he just really enjoyed all the petting.

On our way back to DC we stopped in Philly and stayed with my friend Dat and his wife, Winnie.  Today we went out on the streets of Philly and I got to test out the new camera a bit on the city landscape.  It’s working nicely if I say so myself…

A slow week

Not much has been going on regarding the house front lately.  Outside of just trying to keep it clean it seems to be able to self destruct all on it’s own.  Charlie helps too.  He did a good number this week on our new living room rug.  I guess wool carpet is pretty tasty to a dog.  Then again I’m talking about an animal that we can’t get to stop eating sticks, twigs and limbs.  If our neighbor would trim her trees sometime this decade it wouldn’t be such a problem, but each time he goes out to wee I have to pull sticks out of his mouth before he gobbles them up.  Dogs are very strange creatures.

For all of you on wits end wondering what was the outcome of my dear poor laptop you will be glad to know that my data was recoverable and I’ll be back up and running by tomorrow when I go pick up my decrepit machine and its files.  We got the new desktop delivered yesterday.  I got everything, including the wireless to work within 20 mins…not to shabby.  Now if I could just figure out this Windows Vista.  

In other exciting news I booked hotels for our trip to Rome and Florence.  Spending $$ in places where it would better be spent on…gee… I don’t know a new kitchen, a new spare bathroom, dry wall for the basement, new gutters, new windows..the list is endless.  But we have to schedule fun sometimes right??  Right??  I’m pretty excited about our choices, but I’ll withold gushing about them til we get the full on experiance in November.  Just looking at the pictures of the area make me salivate.  I need a vacation!

weeds and window trim

We finally gave in to the weeds out front. Although I hate our landscaped beds with a passion and dream fitful dreams at night of ripping them out we needed to face…the weeds…

They were taking over. It was a hard job, took the two of us over 2 hours this morning to finish one side of the lawn. I had to quit after 2 hours because of my allergies, I was itching everywhere. Royce was a saint and continued on to the other half which wasn’t as bad…but he also laid mulch so he is stronger than my weak self who was banished inside to do simple things like dust and laundry.

We also finished the window moulding in the living room. Would have taken less time if our miter saw could cut a 60 degree angle but we weren’t smart enough to figure out how to solve our 30 degree angle problems so Royce just went to the Home Depot and bought a new top trim.

Its all in place though…we will paint it tomorrow before my fellowship metor, Patrick, arrives for dinner. We also have plans on taking Charlie to Quiet Waters, a dog park/beach/water park where dogs get to swim freely and enjoy the hot summer days. Hopefully I’ll have some pictures for tomorrow.

Right now we are enjoying a relaxing restful night with our neighbors Brett and Jen. Jen picked up some shrimp from a local lady and I’m excited to chow down. The wine is flowing freely…I love weekends.


I was a bit skeptical when I arrived home today.  At first it seemed Royce picked up the wrong dog from the kennel.  But he responded to ‘Charlie’ so I assume its him.  It sure doesn’t look like him though.  I bet he feels a lot better without all that fur.


Homeward bound

I’m glad to be heading home tomorrow.  Chicago has been fun…but I’m tired.  It’s been great fun catching up and sleeping on Meredith’s floor and learning new things at the conference, but I miss my husband and dog (and yes…I do miss them in that order).  

I’m excited to see Charlie…we had to kennel him while I’m gone because Royce was working nights…and we had him trimmed while he was there…I guess they went a little nuts and shaved his entire body (which we wanted) but left his head and tail fluffy.  He is a pretty fluffy dog at baseline so I’m sure he looked ridiculous.  Royce said he looked gay.  So now we have a gay dog that my husband won’t walk (because he is embarrassed for himself or the dog??) so he is taking him back tomorrow so they will trim his tail and head.

I’ll be home tomorrow night, but I won’t see Royce until Friday unless by some act of God he doesn’t get called in for rapid response tomorrow.   Thats never happened yet so I’m not holding my breath.

pooped out from painting


I think this room was a bit more than a one day project but we managed to finish it anyways.  We started at around 9 am with taping…so much darn taping…and then we trimmed…and then taped again.  While us girls were trimming/taping Royce was busy patching holes and sanding.  We took the valance down and man does the room look bigger without that heavy thing dragging it down.  As you can see Charlie was instrumental in getting this project off the ground and completed:

Here is inspecting our ability to safely protect our new couches.

And here he is telling Monica that her tape lines are not straight enough:

Now he is telling Royce to quit messing around in the kitchen and get back to work:

Royce still needs to install the moulding around the window (we are in the slow process of replacing all the window and door moulding) but for the most par this room is done with its painting.  This winter we will install crown moulding or maybe we will get to it sooner because our ceiling line turned out really crummy.  We also need to get a new front door.  Neither of us are crazy about the one we have.  Part of me feels bad because after some research I’m pretty sure this is the original 1950’s door which was popular among ramblers in that eara.  The other part of me is pissed at the POs who put up this frosting on the glass so I can’t see out (and there is no peep hole).  Something that brings in a bit more light would be nice.

Charlie’s favorite commerical…our favorite torture tool.

I don’t know if you have seen this commercial yet.  Its the new one for Dyson.  Check it out…

Charlie loves it.  Each time it plays (and whenever we see it we rewind and play it again..and again) he will just look at the TV all confused and then freaks out.  And I’m just positive if I could see into his little pee brain he would be thinking Ball!  Squeaky ball!  Squeaky toy! Who is playing with my toy!  Oh and Royce and I of course get a good laugh at his expense.

Silly dog.  Apparently he isn’t the only dog who has reacted this way according to the uTube comments.

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