Last night was movie night and we chose to see Sicko…the documentary film (getting too little press in my opinion) about the plight of our US healthcare system.  I know I know…the director, Michael Moore, can be overly dramatic and can stretch the drama/truth to make a point (and I’m being nice here) but today while working at CVS I couldn’t help but wonder…IS there a better way?  DO Canada, France and England have it right?  Maybe this wasn’t the film to see before I picked up a shift for the first time in 2 months.  *sigh*

Today over my 5 hours at CVS I spent at least 2 of those on the phone to insurance companies…nearly 40% of my time was spent dealing with multiple for-profit agencies that didn’t want to either cover a drug or cover a patient.  This maybe a shocker to you not in the field but it really doesn’t take 15 minutes or more to fill your prescription…what takes long is dealing with insurance companies.  If all I had to do was type, fill, check and bag, I could get your prescription to you in less than 5 minutes…hell I got one ready today in 2 (gasp!).  You maybe going…but I never have problems with my insurance…yeah well maybe you don’t, but the guy in line ahead of you does, and the person 10 mins before him did too…and you can see how things start to get backed up and why those of us behind the counter get so irritable.

Now I know why American drug stores have so much stuff in them…so you don’t realize how long it takes because you are happily distracted by all the crap we are selling in the seasonal isle.  It was pure joy to hear the pharmacist in England say “I’ve gone to school for too long to care about your laundry” in response to Michael Moore when he asked why his pharmacy didn’t sell laundry detergent.

The conversation with the English Doctor got me thinking about how their bonuses are based on if they get more of their patients to for example lose weight, or to stop smoking, or to lower their cholesterol.  It seems so logical right…to get paid more to help people!???  Royce’s bonus’ are based on how many patients he can see and how much he bills…and your family practice doc isn’t getting paid more if you lower your Cholesterol trust me.  What a concept though when you really think about it…healthcare that actually takes care and believes in helping ones health.  I wonder if I or our children will ever see it that way in the US?

The entire way home from the film we were plotting how we could move to France…sad really…but the only thing holding us back is the language barrier.  Maybe I’ll sign up for French lessons again.

A painful 8 hours

My hope of everyone staying at home to watch the game did not come true…they all came out to pester me instead.  I should really know better considering most of the people that live here are immigrants and could give two hoots about our game we call ‘football’.  It also didn’t help that I was the pill counter, the counselor, the cashier, the pharmacist and the random question girl since I had no tech scheduled to help.

I think the highlight of my day was when this jerk of a man came back to the register (while I was helping other people of course b/c throwing an adult tantrum must be witnessed by others) and threw his bag at me and barked “you wanna do your job right this time?  I told you I had 2 prescriptions”.  

*sigh* This is really unfortunate but attitudes like this happen a bit more than they need to.  He had no good reason to be in such a huff, cause the problem could have been solved if he looked in is sack and read the note the pharmacist before me stapled to it.  To add to my frustration, I hadn’t eaten or peed and I was going on hour number 6 of being the pharmacy multi-tasking clown so I had very little patience left.  So…I calmly looked in his bag saw the note and read it to him in a louder than normal voice….”It says here sir that your VIAGRA is not covered by your insurance.  If you would like your VIAGRA  you can pay $129.00 for 10 pills.  Is that what you were looking for?  Can I fill your VIAGRA for you?”.  

Oh sweet justice.  He took his bag and walked away and I just continued helping the customers I was helping before he rudely interrupted us.

Never ever be mean to your pharmacist on a day when they have no help.

crazy puppy + crazy customers = snow

We finally have snow!  Man we waited a long time for this one.  And it is a real snow, not one of those teaser snows cause thing are actually sticking.

Royce is at work so hopefully between the snow and the playoffs people will leave him alone.  Our shifts last night made for some great dinner time conversation.  The crazies were out yesterday I guess getting ready for the snow.  In the course of 6 hours I caught a person calling in a fake script for a controlled substance,…had some lady show me her ‘rash’ on her butt crack (yes, this really did happen even though I begged her I didn’t need to see it),…had to convince some guy that we don’t carry anything in the pharmacy to treat the blister in his eye and that he should go see his doctor,…and I had to listen to my annoying tech lecture a doctor about writing her own script for her sinus infection.  It was one of those odd priceless days that ended by me being able to tell the fake script caller that in-fact, no their prescription was not ready, and quit calling in fake scripts to my pharmacy!!! Priceless.  It makes me feel good to know that one abuser went last night without their Vicodin thanks to me (even though I know they probably called in multiple scripts to other pharmacists that day who filled them not knowingthey were fake).

Today was spent running mindless errands.  I had to go to Target…and then I had to get Charlie some food (and toys)…and then I had to get us some food for the week too.  I better get back to watching Charlie play with his new toys.  I got him this thing called a Kong, it is this amazing rubber toy that you can shove food and peanut butter into.  So far it has kept him busy for a hour…pure genius!

What’s for dinner:  Tonight it’s Fajitas!  Can’t wait!

Its getting cold

I had to break out the winter coat today. Standing next to a busy street waiting for the bus isn’t fun in the cold especially when big trucks or buses zoom by and a I get a stiff breeze. brrr. I wish we could have a few more ‘crisp’ days of fall before it turns into winter.

I worked at CVS this Sunday for the first time in over a month and I sure didn’t miss it. Everyone is getting a cold and always asks me how to treat it which gets annoying after the 50th customer comes up and sneezes on me. Treating a cold really isn’t that hard if these stupid drug companies would keep it simple. There is no reason the cold isle needs to have 80 products in it when Sudafed and PLAIN Robitussin works fine. Granted I’ll tell patients to use these two items but they always come back with Nyquil and ask if they can use that instead. Of course you can (I wouldn’t recommend it), but why did you ask my opinion in the first place if you are just going to go out there and pick what you want to pick anyways! Ah! The stupidity of it all! Don’t even get me started on the people who want an OTC cure for a sore throat. A prescription cure for a sore throat doesn’t even exist so when I tell you to take Tylenol, use throat lozenges and wait it out don’t look at me like I’m from the stone age.

On top of it all I think these weasels made me sick with all their snotty germs.

In good news we have been “Ghosted”. Its a silly thing our neighborhood does around Halloween. I guess someone come up and puts a Ghost on your door and leaves some sort of treat (we got banana bread) and you are then obligated to go Ghost 2 of your neighbors. So tonight Royce and I are going to whip up some peanut butter balls and Ghost some neighbors and hope their kids aren’t allergic to peanuts. This neighbor thing is all so quaint I sometimes feel like a dork for liking it.

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