School Photos are terrifying

Poor sad scared Ingrid. Her sad little cheeks are still chapped from whatever was irritating her this winter no matter what lotion we slathered on her face. And you can tell she had been crying her eyes out because…

…yup it was documented previously.  She still looks cute in that innocent, child-like way. And those curls. Her hair. I don’t exactly know what to do with it…curly hair doesn’t sleep well or nap well or take well to rubbing up against the back of a car-seat.  Ingrid, everything about her is just so….Ingrid.


Sydney on the other hand isn’t smiling for anyone not because she doesn’t know how but because she doesn’t like you or want to.  I love the open mouth stare.  And the flowers with the “I didn’t do anything wrong” eyes.  The girl has sass and its showing at 4.  At least she was rocking the confidence in the sibling photo; show off.



  1. Another classic installment. Poor Ingrid.

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