Spring school photos

I hope you all are ready for a good laugh. You know that school photos never disappoint and this session will not let you down.

First up, Ingrid in her all grey picture wear.


In her defense the poor girl was super sick. I ended up getting a call from school around 11 while in a meeting and had a to leave to go pick her up. She was a feverish snotty mess.  Poor thing.  You could see the tears in her eyes in the photo.  Sadness.

Sydney’s were not much better. I didn’t realize til after I was nearly out the door that AM (running late of course) that it was picture day.  Royce did his best getting Syd to take off her princess t-shirt and into a dress; and he even did her little side pony tail too. She looks like something out of an 80’s movie.  And of course the scowl made an appearance; it always does in school photos.


And the pictures of the two together are just classic. Ingrid doesn’t look amused and still has tears in her eyes and Syd is just doing as best she can in a forced posed way. I can only imagine how this all went down behind the scenes.  Bless my husband for trying to get those girls ready by himself for picture day, but between Ingrid’s grey pant ensemble and Syds dress, tights, shoes and hair I’m just beside myself with laughter.



  1. Hilarious as always! I always look forward to your school pictures posts!

  2. Auntie M says:

    I’m still laughing at these photos a week later!! Silly girls!!

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