Day 23 - in action

Before we had kids our evenings were consumed with elaborate dinners.  Memories of steak au poivre, beef bourguignon, making sauces from scratch, taking cooking classes; they are still fresh in my mind.  But those meals don’t happen often, especially at home anymore.  Instead spaghetti is a weekly dinner rotation, so is tacos.  Our suppers have become more casual, kid-friendly, with the focus being on fast preparation and equally as swift clean-up.

We still eat at home on average 6 out of 7 nights a week.  I find dining out to be hectic and expensive.  We don’t follow any strict diet or restrictions (neither of my children have allergies), and my relationship with food is pretty liberal.  I find limiting portions is easier than unrealistically limiting a diet.  However, I also try hard to prevent the purchase of processed junk from making its way into our home.  I do not buy organic outside of the milk we have delivered, and the CSA we pick up through our summer and fall months.  The majority of our groceries come from Trader Joe’s and a dumpy local supermarket (which is nothing like the HyVee’s we both grew up with). I do try to eat ‘real’ as much as possible, no low-fat, fake sugars, chemically induced crap. My one downfall is Cheetos (just being honest).

We still have time occasionally to rotate in new recipes into our standard weekly fare, and sometimes I remember to blog them here!

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