Christmas 2014

Yes you read that right, I’m just now writing about and getting to photos taken last year at Christmastime.  As in nearly 11 months ago. Glup.


It was fun to travel back in time though.  Seems like longer than a year looking at the photos. And oh my has Ingrid grown! She looks so teeny in these pictures.


We had a cozy quiet Christmas in 2014.  For the first time Royce was home on Christmas eve and we joined our friends Andrea and Jed and their families for a traditional Canadian Christmas Eve dinner which was ah-mazing fun and fantastic food.  It helps that Andrea and her family and extended family are just pure joy to be around.


Christmas morning was spent at home doing what one does when you have young children — opening presents at the wee hours of the morning.


Crazy to think that Syd got her big girl bike which has already shed the training wheels!  Among dolls and puzzles and a stroller I can safely say that the few things our kids get each year for Christmas are well loved throughout the year!


It was just the four of us for Christmas supper.


Royce made his first ever prime rib and we all were in meat-heaven with a side of creamy horseradish.  This for sure will become our Christmas supper tradition!  Since I stupidly deleted my annual Thanksgiving turkey picture we decided to recreate the moment with prime rib for 2014!


Looking at all these pictures is getting me excited for the 2015 holidays, hopefully it won’t take me a year to blog about them this time!  More pictures are up on Flickr.

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