Sydney started Kindergarten back in August on the 31st.


She no doubt was ready, being at the ripe age of 5.75!  Her teacher this year is Mrs. Finke and she is going to our local public school which is split with K-2 at one building and 3-6 in another.  Since the K-2 school is in another neighborhood she gets to ride the bus which is fun (if you are 5)!


We head down to the bus stop around 8:05 am with a few other neighborhood kids and their parents armed with coffee.  She will transition to the school in our neighborhood when she is in the 3rd grade, then we can walk her to school!

So far the transition has gone well. There was a bit of separation anxiety that hit around week 2 but other than that she has had a good time and is learning a lot.  She seems to be doing well with the no-nap adjustment well and doesn’t even nap much on the weekends anymore (but she still enjoys quiet time alone so that we can nap!).


Its cute how she is learning new words through singing, she adds about a new word or two a week.  We stopped in for a open house a week ago and were able to see how ‘Math hour’ worked and it was cool to see how they incorporate play into the various stations to reinforce math concepts. pOverall its been a good start. The hardest part was dealing with the new logistics of having one kid one place and another kid somewhere else. DSC_4408.jpg

It also seems like they have a ridiculous amount of holidays thus far…we are on week 8 and I think they have only had 2 full 5-day weeks of school.  This is very different than where I grew up where only federal and christian holidays were observed. Thankfully the before and aftercare program she is participating in is open almost all the time, even when school is closed. Its basically the only way we can both work while having a kid in public school.  Crazy!

I hope to document each year the kids likes and hobbies as they progress through these years. Syd and I sat down on her first day and documented some of these before heading for the bus! More pictures are on Flickr.


Age: 5

Likes: playing hide-and-go-seek, tag, coloring, ‘do math’, practice writing, riding bikes, playing board games, doing puzzles, reading.

Favorite food: fish or steak meat

What do you want to be when you grow up?: a doctor or a chef

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