Why hello there…

What a neglected space this is…and I apologize for that!  I can’t believe I haven’t posted anything since February — 6 months! yikes!  It has been a rather busy six months so I’ll run through the happenings right now…

We came back from Cancun greeted by snow… My home office was renovated; I got a door and the basement got new floors!… It snowed again… Syd and I bought copious amounts of hyacinth to scare away winter… We potty trained Ingrid… I made a quick trip to SanFran for work… A week later I took a week-long trip to Australia for work… I spent most my time in Australia in a conference room but I did manage to get to the zoo to see a Kangaroo and a Koala bear… Charlie ate all the TimTams I brought back from Oz for the girls… Dain and Crystal visited us for a week; we did the usual (drank too much champagne and hit up a concert)… The Easter Bunny came to visit…  I went to the middle-of-nowhere Germany for a conference… And also hit up a night in Frankfurt with an old ex-FDA colleague… I went to Boston for work and walked around my old stomping grounds from my summer at BU…  We got rid of our giant TV and had built-ins added to the living room… Sydney had Kindergarten orientation (???!!!!!)… Spring finally showed up although it was fickle at first; we spend so much time outside you would think we were prisoned by winter (we were)… Ingrid turned 3 (more on that later I promise!)…  Sydney graduated from pre-school (more on that later too!)…   We cancelled our May vacation-trip to MI for a ‘stay-cation’ instead… The pool opened; we spend as much time there as possible… We got rid of Ingrid’s ‘kib’ and moved her into a big-girl bed… Crystal visited us; again lots of champagne with a generous side of Plath… I went away for my annual weekend with my girlfriends and it rained the entire time but I brought my sewing machine so it was all good…  I learned to make a bra, and it fits (and I’ve made more)… Royce turned 40!… Syd learned to ride a bike without training wheels!… We had the pleasure of going to our first Foo-Fighters concert on (a very rainy) July 4th with my cousin Steve who is their biggest fan… My Mom visited to help out while Royce took his boy’s trip to WI…

That pretty much covers it.  Its been a busy, full, chaotic, jet-lagged, messy 6-months with lots of big milestones and transitions.  I’ve got a couple of posts to follow-up on so hopefully it will not be another 6-months till I post next.  My new MacBook Pro that arrived yesterday should help in this endeavor (it was always hard to get motivated to go downstairs to post a blog when I spend all my time down there during the day now)!


  1. Hello there…welcome back!! I missed you! You guys have had quite the busy 6 months over there — I’ll look forward to seeing pictures soon 🙂

    • Thanks! Ya I’m going to try to be better, feel bad about missing 6 months of ‘history’ but alas it has been a bit chaotic!

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