Cancun 2015

We’ve been back for a mere 3 days and I’m already nostalgic about our trip. I want to go back; just for the weather.


We spent a full week at the Westin Lagunamar Ocean Resort in Cancun Mexico, but thanks to drawn out travel days we only really had 5 days of time to play around.  The arrival in Cancun was *brutal*…we sat on the plane for 30 mins before they took us to a gate, then there was a 30 mins deplane/bus/loading handicapped people delay, and then….then we waited 2+ hours in line at customs/immigration (were all 4 of us almost had temper-tantrums at the same time!). After the 30 min drive to the hotel our 1:30 pm landing ended up bringing us to the resort by 6 pm; all there was time to do was grab supper and a stiff drink.

Morning.I’m not a fibber and I don’t sugar coat; vacation with kids is HARD. Especially when you don’t have a kids camp, babysitter, family or other friends to lean on to take a break.


Day 1 started off pretty hard after Ingrid fell in the baby pool and sliced open her chin and bit a decent gash into her tongue. There was lots of blood and crying and then she just passed out.  Royce was able to locate some super glue later in the day and we glued her back up. All seems to be healing nicely.


We had 7 days of 24/7 family which is a lot when one of your kids is crying at any one moment. One is sick and they are sharing the same bed for the first time.  6 AM wakes ups were early and every day.


People have asked how Cancun was; I say it was warm. Same *hit, better climate.  And its the truth. We did laundry, washed dishes, bathed the kids, wiped snotty noses, cooked meals, picked up the apartment. The only difference really was that school and work was replaced with pool and beach; not a bad substitution, but I’m not relaxed or rested…I just have more freckles.


We did create lots of memories. We went to the pool, we dug holes at the beach, we took long naps. Syd miraculously figured out how to hold her breath and swim underwater so she dove in the pool for her My Little Pony’s over and over again.  It was so cool to go underwater with her and see her big blue eyes behind her goggles.


We took a total dud of a day trip to Isla Mujeres where Ingrid fell asleep on two occasions and Syd complained and pouted so much she made ME cry out of frustration.


The kids likely had too much time with their iPads (or ‘pooter’ as Ingrid likes to call it) but I’m proud to say that most of what Syd did on her computer was read book after book on her MeeGenius app which reads books to her (while I read my own!).


Its all good though; the warmth and sun are enough for me to float on til our next ‘vacation’.  The silver lining is that vacations will keep getting easier as the kids get older (or we will just learn to do a better job of picking locations with a bonafide kids-camp).  More pictures are up on Flickr!


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