Thanksgiving 2014

Apologies for being so behind in posting…

Our Thanksgiving here was fantastic; a joyous holiday with full bellies as always. We spent it among our friends Ashley and Greg and their kids Stella Jane, Peter and Elliot.  We had fabulous conversation, food and drink and the kids played by themselves for once!

I’d love to post some pictures of the event but all I have is this photo of my pecan pie taken from my cell phone.

Greenbean casserole isn't very photogenic, so here are my next two holiday favorites...pie and wine!  Happy Thanksgiving!!

and a picture of me sitting down (for a few minutes) to knit before the party started.

I always try to find some time for calm. Cause the storm is on the way amiright @ashleysiers 😁🙌

We did take other photos of course…on my real camera.  The photo of me with my turkey which has become tradition to take each year and the crazy prop photo that Greg has introduced us to from his family Thanksgiving tradition…

but they were all deleted 😦

accidentally of course, off my camera in a moment of rushed thoughtlessness by no one other than myself.

So 2014 will have a void of a turkey picture and our other memories from that day, but they stay within ourselves and we can only hope to be surrounded by the same friends and festive spirit the coming years ahead!

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