Syndey :: 5


Syd turned 5 waaayyy back in November when life was chaos.  I had grand plans of throwing her requested “fall princess” party, complete with a fully yellow and orange tu-tu for her and leaf crowns for her guests.


then Mama got a new job and was in NJ for a week, and the day of her birthday Mom was at an all day conference in DC…and then time just got away from everyone and stress levels were high so the party was cancelled.  Instead my dear friend Andrea invited us over for supper and she made Syd cupcakes and we sang “Happy Birthday” among our group of close friends.

#5. Hosted and attended by my #sisterwives who keep me afloat when chaos cancels a birthday party. @thehickman5 @ashleysiers

Since her party was cancelled Royce and I made it up to her by letting her chose where to go OUT for a birthday supper on Saturday night. She chose spaghetti, so we all got dressed up and went to our local Italian place down the road.  Of course a busy over stressed mom is also likely to forget to cancel the birthday cake order at the local bakery so we still had a cake to eat on Sunday but I couldn’t find candles except the numbers I’ve been saving to use for Ingrid so she turned 23 instead (2+3=5 right??).

When Mom forgets to cancel your birthday cake order and doesn't have a #5 candle on suddenly turn 23. (2+3=5 you are with me right?)

Even though there was no ‘official party’, I’m hopeful she still felt special over her weekend of celebration cause she deserves it.

Syd is a genuine little thing. No faking comes from her, if you ask her something it is likely you will get an honest to the core answer. She can be a very needy, pouty and sensitive and we are both still figuring out how to navigate her emotions.


When she is in a good mood and all is aligned though she can be sweet as sugar. She loves her swim class and is doing well at kicking and jumping in without assistance. Its nice to see how she has grown and progressed over the year. Ballet started up this past summer and she also enjoys that activity and is learning a lot. We’ve tried other team organized activities but Syd is shy and doesn’t do well in that environment yet not to mention its still a bit young to expect a kid to play soccer with any meaningfulness.  At least the ballet classes are teaching her to listen and other things about balance, movement, use of space, slow vs. fast, etc.  You really notice the value between educated teachers (her swim class and ballet teachers) vs parent led activities (soccer) at moments like this so for now we will stick with the programs that have a solid instructional base to them.

Although I'm away I have amazing friends who take my Syd to #ballet and send me photos #sisterwives @thehickman5.

Sydney enjoys her pre-K class, writing her name and coloring. Our house is covered in paper with princesses and her name. She confesses she loves ‘math’ (sorting, counting). Dressing up (e.g., making capes from old swaddle blankets) and playing with her princesses, building towers for them and overall general imaginative play is also a common activity here.

Princess swaddle blanket watches a movie.

Over time she has gotten better with independent play but she still needs assistance or attention a lot of the time. And if you don’t give it to her she pouts…ahhh the balance of parenting. Often her pouting is her way to get attention so we are working on how her words can hurt others and she should only say negative things if she *truly* means them, not to just get attention. Mind games at 5…who knew?

Why you save an entire childhood loot of crayons and colored pencils. #berolprismacolor

She can sit down and watch a movie now though so when I need to get things done that is sometimes my go-to move on the weekends in the afternoon. Her and Ingrid play together pretty well too, mostly it is Syd bossing Ingrid around but generally it is actually eaiser to have them both at home because they entertain each other.

Proof that they watch intently and catch on quickly.

This next year will be a big year for her as she starts school!  It will be interesting to see how she does with the transition!

I’d post updated stats for her now but to be honest we haven’t even scheduled her appointment…right now its a race to see if she or Charlie gets in for their annual well-visit first.  Such is life!

UPDATE:  Syd had her 5-year visit on Jan 27th (a mere 2 months late but who is counting?).  Syd was 38 lbs (32%) and 43.5 inches (62%). Since her 3-year stats update she has gained 5 lbs and grew 3.5 inches. She is a been pole…good thing she still likes dresses b/c pants have never fit her well!

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