The past few months have been busy in ways I’m glad are over.  I started thinking of a career change over a year ago but the process didn’t start to get real until this summer when an old mentor contacted me with an opportunity to join his company. A small company. A young company. But one with an important mission and vision.

Call it serendipity that my 10-year (eligible for partial pension — hooray!) anniversary happened to coincide with one of the most brutal years of my career.  It didn’t take much convincing to get me to leave.  Although discussions started in July I didn’t interview til the end of August when the Australia partners were in NJ. The interview went as good as I could have expected. Very engaging, open minded, genuinely nice people. I could be myself 100%; no bullshit.  Was outstandingly refreshing.

They are being incredibly adaptable by letting me work from my home-office with ‘field trips’ to NJ. I think having me here locally will help with business too since this area is the center of drug approvals which everything orbits around.  Hopefully I can stay locally, but moving to NJ (or heck — Australia!) isn’t out of the question and is something we will revisit in time.

I am grateful of my time spent at the agency. I learned great things, and worked with great people. Deciding to leave was *hard*. I joked with my friends that I felt like a battered wife; lacking confidence in her ability to break free and go but desperately needing to in order to survive. There were days that made my decision easy and days that made it hard. The vicious cycle was draining on me, and Royce (and my friends who had to listen to me bitch!).  I think its a good thing when your job is hard to leave, it means you were engaged to the very last day.


On Halloween, with mixed emotions, I turned in my federal worker costume. I handed over my badge, computer, blackberry (which I do not miss!) and key.  10-years was a good run for a first job. I started with the agency right out of my fellowship and its crazy to think I’m going back to work with the mentor that trained me.

I officially started the new gig this week although its a slow ramp up since the person I report to is on vacation.  I’ll be in NJ next week getting up to speed on the projects as well as obtaining my computer.  Change is never easy, but I’m ready to be challenged in different ways and am excited to be with such an engaging small nimble company that’s focused on creativity in drug development.

I don’t want to directly link from the blog to their website (cause then they can link back to here) but you can find their web address on my business card photo. They issued a very nice press release announcing my position and my picture and bio are also up on the website if you click around you may see them!



  1. Congratulations!! This will be such an exciting move for you.

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