This year for Halloween the girls were bats. Well Syd said was ‘bat girl’ but basically she was a bat since I didn’t go so far as to put the bat-girl emblem on her shirt. I found the inspiration from this post a long while back.


They had a ton of fun trick-o-treating and enjoyed running around with their bat wings out.


I couldn’t find kid sized black mask, so I drew a bat on Syd’s face which she thought was pretty cool.


The hoods are the cozy winter hood from the Oliver + S book Little Things to Sew. This hood is turning into Halloween staple at our house.  Syd and Ingrid STILL wear their cat and mouse hoods on cold days from last years Halloween.  I’m not sure how much repeat wear the bat hats will get, but we will see.  I modified the pattern by creating a widows peak and making the ears pointy instead of round.


The wings I self drafted using each girls ‘wing span’ and neck to knee measurement. I drew out the bat wings onto Swedish tracing paper using my french curve to connect the two measurements and then held them up to the girls to size fit.  To keep their hands free for candy grabbing I sewed elastic loops at the end of each wing so they could slip their hand through and the wing would be anchored to their wrist.  The wings were secured on their shoulders by more black elastic.  I wish I had purchased the sequins black elastic trim to do these details but time kept me from returning to JoAnn to perfect finishing touches.


All and all I figured the wings were made special by making them out of super soft rich Velvet (found on a remnant sale pile at JoAnn) and shiny black taffeta.  The hoods were also made of the Velvet and lined with black knit from my stash.


Another successful hand-made Halloween is in the books.  More pictures of our evening are up on Flickr.


  1. I love the cutie potootie ‘bat girls’. The cape is awesome. Does it come in adult sizes?

  2. So darling. I particularly love the sequined skirts — brilliant idea since I’m sure they will be worn A LOT without the rest of the costume. I couldn’t bring myself to do more than N’s costume this year. Just didn’t have the Halloween mojo going.

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