Birthdays :: #36


I won’t lie. I freaked out a bit at 35. A lot had to do with the overwhelming summer we were in the midst of surviving and the fact that I worked that day and was alone that night.  On my 35th birthday I had no special plans, no cake, no husband around. It was an ordinary day. I woke up that morning to Royce who promptly said “you are old” and went to work quietly under the birthday radar, no one noticed, no one cared.  As Royce was leaving for work that night he told the kids it was my birthday so they had to be nice to me — radar broken, now my 3 year old knew it was my birthday which in hindsight was worse than any other person knowing it was my birthday.  While eating a supper of cereal and fruit with the kids I was barraged by statements and questions from Syd…”where is your party?”, “do we have a cake?”, “where are your friends?”, “where are the balloons?”.  The poor girl nearly had me in tears by the end of the night… but her questions and statements were valid.

Why wasn’t I celebrating?

Why can’t I take a day to make a fuss about me?

Is our lack of celebration our punishment for aging?

Do we imply “don’t celebrate me; I’m OLD, I’m not important” to our children? our friends? if so…why?

I don’t want my girls to think that getting old is this negative progression.  There are major benefits to being 36 versus say 26.  For example, I have way more money now at 36; so, I spent some. I went out with my friends for a lavish dinner at Marcel’s where we indulged in impeccable food, drank great wine.


We went to see Jerry Seinfield at the Kennedy center and we laughed, big belly laughs for over an hour.


I then spent some $$ on myself…I took Monday off work and had an 80 minute massage — at the Four Seasons in Georgetown.


I also have two cute little kitchen helpers (which I didn’t have when I was 26!) who love to make cake and lick icing bowls; so this year on my birthday, we made some cupcakes. They were delicious.

And I even had an adorable 2-year old sing Happy Birthday to me…all by her self.

Even though I’m ‘older’ there is so much more to celebrate in life as we age…it makes the number almost silly.

#36 was a good day indeed.

I’m looking forward to celebrating many many more.


  1. Happy birthday! I get to celebrate my 35th birthday this year over Labor Day along with Baby J’s very first one! And then be in trial on my actual birthday 😕 Oh well I know I’ll be greeted enthusiastically by the little ones when I get home!

    • Just make sure there is cake. And maybe some balloons. And I don’t advise eating a bowl of cereal for your birthday supper (cause although I do love me some cereal it just isn’t very good at making you feel special). 🙂

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