Vacation :: Kansas City

We got back last week from visiting family and friends in Kansas City. Was a productive, fun and busy trip. The impetus for the trip was to attended a Stuber (Royce’s mother’s side) family reunion in St. Joseph, MO. Since traveling with kids is not a fly-by-night task we made a week out of it and stayed with my parents in Kansas City.


familiarizing herself with the safety features of our aircraft

The girls did really well on both flights. Now that Ingrid is 2 she has her own seat so she sat next to Syd and watched a show on the iPad. They also colored, stared out the window, read some books, and were easily distracted by the snack/drink routine. I can see the light at the end of the traveling with kid stress tunnel, and am very much looking forward to exploring new places and blowing out-of-town more often when the time allows.

The family reunion and trip and to St Joe was also a lot of fun. The best parts were the time spent at Dan and Stan’s farm riding four-wheelers (my first time!) and catching up with family over supper at a German restaurant which served no beer (shake my head at small-town Midwest).

City girl goes country. For 10 mins.

City girl goes country. For 10 mins.

The rest of our time was spent with family and friends back in Kansas City. We went to a ball game, strolled among the zoo, went to the pool, and spent a day with Albert, Katie and their 3 kids. We even had time for a fun date night with Albert and Katie at Rye. Add in Ingrid’s first hair cut, a trip to Dairy Queen, and throwing rocks into the pond by our house and when I think about it…no wonder we are exhausted!


zoo tram and a busted up face

The summer is ticking by quickly. With Royce’s new contract he’s been working a lot which means I’ve been alone a lot which is taxing…although looking back at last summers post there seems to be a summer trend of Julie losing her sanity over Royce’s work schedule in August.  Glad I’m predictable.

It was nice to be together (and go to bed at the same time) for WHOLE 6 days. I can’t say we’ve seen much of each other since we got back….actually the last time we went to bed together was the night we returned! We are both looking forward to spending some time just the 4 of us at the beach in mid-August. Hopefully, even though we have no help, we can find some time to relax and slow down…be lazy. Something neither of us are very good at.

More pictures of our KC escapades are up on Flickr click the twirling girl below.


baseball and ballet collide


  1. It was great to see you guys!

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