Ingrid talking :: 4

each day Ingrid gets more and more words and starts stringing them together to form thoughts or (most often) demands.

“moh pee-h” (more peach)

“mo  rye” (more rice)

“mie ie-keh-kay”  (my ice-cream-cake)

She is still pretty apprehensive about talking and mumbles strings of nonsensical sounds in an attempt to appear that she is ‘talking’.

Her use of made-up words for things like “eee-oh” for help and “Ni-Ni” for Sydney are starting to dissipate. She can now say “help mama” even though I respond with “do you need eee-oh?”.  Each day I miss those mis-spoken words like “lar-lee” instead of Charlie.

Anytime she is in the car its Ingrid as a solo artist serenading us with her very lively (and loud) version of Baa Baa Black Sheep which she knows about 30% of the words and the rest she makes up. She also likes to rattle off her ABC’s (again gets about 25% of the letters right) and Twinkle Twinkle.  She sings more than I remember Syd singing and often takes her toy piano and drops it on my lap and demands I sing something.  She does have decent tone though and can carry a tune pretty well so I’m holding out that she will be my musical one.

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