Me Made May 2014

Me Made May has wrapped up today and I stuck to my original commitment! And holy wow am I tired of taking photos of myself!

Kelly skirtStaple Dress

I set out to wear two handmade items a week, and I averaged 18 days of wearing a me-made something. That’s 4 times a week on average!  And May is a long month!

Plantain tee, Fluted cowlGinger skirt

I found myself wearing a lot of my basic t-shirts (mostly plantain tee’s) on both the weekends and the work-day. My Kelly and Ginger skirts I’ve made thus far are versatile for both work and date nights. I even pulled out some of my lesser worn handmade items like my Darling Ranges Dress and Date Night Dress to mix things up a bit.

#mmmay14 work edition. Self drafted tank eeked out of a yard of flowy rayon found in a remnant pile. #sewing#mmmay14 alter your RTW items edition. Old top altered so it actually fits properly and pants hemmed by moi. #sewing

My casual self-drafted paper bag skirts have always been some of my favorite summer time weekend wear and they didn’t disappoint. Even though it hasn’t been that warm yet they paired nicely with long sleeves.

#mmmay14 I took the day off because I needed a day off edition. One of the first (successful) knit tops I ever made. #sewing#mmmay14 errand running edition. #plantaintee #deeranddoe with a hacked JCrew paper bag skirt. #sewing

The exercise really made me stop and think each morning to ask myself if there was something I made I could wear instead of something from a store. I noticed some gaps in my wardrobe too (dresses, shorts, pants, variety in tops) but over all  I’m pretty happy with how things shaped up. I’ve got a wide range of great items that I enjoy wearing. And have found inspiration to make more!

Ginger skirt#mmmay14 doesn't feel like summer here edition. Self drafted paper bag skirt with #plantaintee.

To see all 18 days which were documented on Instagram see my Me Made May 2014 Flickr set.



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