Ingrid :: 2


Ingrid turned the big TWO last Monday.  Although I’ve been neglecting to take photos of her with my “real” camera I have taken quite a few with my iPhone and post as many as I can (without becoming annoying) on Flickr, Instagram and Facebook.


No doubt about it Ingrid is a cute kid. She has these beautiful blue eyes (like her sister) and a head full of crazy messy curls. The look suits her quiet, coy, inquisitive disposition. Although she smiles more and giggles more than I can remember with Syd, she isn’t one for smiling for the camera. Instead she gives these pensive looks or just runs away entirely…or makes silly faces. She has such a happy disposition, even her little tunes she hums are cheery and upbeat.


Ingrid is still a thumb-sucker. She usually only does it when she is sleeping or needs comfort when hurt, or when she is holding on to ‘bunny’ her lovey. I’ve found we can keep her awake in the car just by not giving her bunny…she won’t wail either, she will just be content. But if you give her bunny, in goes the thumb and lights are out; the girl can fall asleep anywhere. After particularly stressful days she likes to lay in the middle of the floor (or deck) and suck her thumb upon returning home. Can’t blame her; there are some days when I wish I could do the same myself.

Sometimes after a hard day at school you just have to come home, lay on the deck and suck your thumb.

She is entering the phase where her eating slows down (and first time parents start to freak out and offer anything under the sun so that their kid will eat). I’m lazy so unless she is sick I don’t offer anything else to her at dinner time. If she is hungry she will eat. I do try to make at least one thing a night and one meal a week that I know the kids will enjoy. Ingrid is my veggie girl so that makes my job easier since we always have a vegetable with each meal. Her favorite is carrots so I make sure to fill our stir-fry with lots and lots of carrots. More often than not though lately my dinners are met with a resounding “NO like!” with a firm push of her plate. Sometimes I let her get down from the table (just do I don’t have to listen to her yelling) and out of curiosity she will eventually come back and eat something, it depends. Breakfast is the best meal of her day so I always make it a point to get good stuff in her belly.


Recently we have also entered the “I want!!!…no I DON’T want!!!…I want!!!…no I DON’T want!!!” phase which is a dicey stage that can send the most calm relaxed mother off the edge (I am not a calm relaxed mother FYI). This time around instead of questioning the lunatic (I mean child) to figure out what exactly they want when they want it and how to present it to them without setting off the emotional time bomb…I’ve learned to just set down whatever she thinks she wants and she can decide if she wants it or not; although I’m NOT a fan of her going over and throwing said item to show her frustration…so that gets a time out.


She plays well with Syd and prefers playing with Syd more than Syd prefers playing with her. It’s a delicate balance those two, but it’s usually Ingrid pissing Syd off versus the other way around. She’s had some instances with biting at school which are typically around a kid coming up and taking something of hers which she is playing with at the time. Its a hard scenario; the girl has gotta defend her turf but doesn’t really have the words yet to say “Excuse me dear sir please leave me alone” either.


Speaking of talking; she is getting better each day. She still isn’t as chatty as the kids in her class which seem to chitty chat at rates that are unstoppable.  But I’m a fairly quiet person, so is Royce so I’ll happily take a quiet kid. In addition to her general quietness she is also very independent. She will play out on the deck or anywhere you put her by herself with nearly no protest. I still can’t say the same for Sydney. Ingrid also loves to read…she will sit on your lap and let you read book after book after book. One would likely perish before she would stop asking for “mo boouk”.


She is becoming more independent with tasks too. She can put on her own shoes and socks (and take them off and put them off and take them off…), and has been trying to put on her own pants. A favorite activity of hers is to find a pair of Syd’s panties and put them on by herself and walk around (like in the photo above). We haven’t hit the “I do it!” stage yet where they usually want to complete tasks they are incapable of completing, but I know soon we will be there and I’ll just do more deep breathing and give myself an extra 15 or so minutes to leave the house.

Since her 18-month visit she gained a little over two pounds and weighs in at 25.4 lbs (32%).  She grew over an inch, and is now 34.75 inches tall (81%).  According to the measurements her head shrank by half an inch but my guess is her hair likely was 0.5 inches less fluffy (48.5 cm; 57%).


  1. Awww, what a cutie! LOVE that bathtub photo!

    Isn’t it crazy how different #2 can be?!? N sounds very much like Ingrid — my easy child, happy to entertain herself for hours with toys or a book, always a pleasant disposition, even when she’s being “unpleasant,” etc. It’s nice to get a break with an “easy” child! She’s just now getting to her snatchy “that’s MINE!” phase so we are really having to work on that :/

    Really looking forward to your visit to KC this summer. Syd and J get along so well and it sounds like N and Ingrid will be two peas in a pod too!

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