NSO with my girl


first trip to kennedy center

I took Sydney to a National Symphony Orchestra (NSO) concert last weekend. It was a last-minute kind of thing. Earlier in the week I was pursuing the Kennedy Center website to see if they had anything that was date-night appropriate (and to drool over the 2014/15 opera season). I saw they had a short (60-mins) story-book based ‘concert’ on Saturday morning which was geared for kids and figured; why not?

secret cupcake eating spot

So Syd and I hoped on the train and walked to the Kennedy Center, enjoyed the concert and then…we just wandered.  We had no plans, and nowhere to be, so we spent some time enjoying the fountains and the view of the Potomac from the Kennedy center terrace.  She decided she wanted a picnic for lunch and it was such a beautiful day I figured; why not? so we walked along the river to Georgetown and found a sandwich shop and a cozy shady spot for a picnic.

waiting for the bus

As I figured out how best to return home we popped in and out of stores based on Sydney’s window-shopping tastes — and she has good taste…she found a fantastic cupcake joint. Since the trains were painfully slow due to track maintenance we took the bus home (all part of the adventure I suppose) making Sydney a true city kid.

city girls on the city bus

She didn’t whine or complain or need a stroller or a diaper change. She was up for anything and I was her leader.  It was just two girls on their two feet in a city that I sometimes forget to take advantage of.  For a moment it felt like Paris in DC; channeling my whimsical “I’ll go where I want to go and figure out how to get home later” self, but this time I had a cute little side kick who was really good at pointing out all the beautiful flowers around us.

I can’t wait until Ingrid is older and we can do more things like this on the weekends. Until then I’ll keep finding little things for Syd and I to do…next up…a ballet. The experience did inspire me to go all in and buy up a 2014/15 opera subscription. I miss the arts in my life, but I’m enjoying rediscovering them with my kids.


  1. Sounds like fun! N and I are going to the ballet on Sunday (they’re doing Cinderella — too perfect for her birthday). I have actually never stayed awake through an entire ballet before. I’m not nearly as cultured as you 🙂 Hopefully this will be the one!

    • You can do it! I can’t wait to take her to a ballet. Cinderella would be perfect. Enjoy! 🙂

      • I’m going to try to stay awake! It’s not that I don’t like the ballet (oh who am I kidding? I don’t really like the ballet) but mostly that I find the music very relaxing — the same reason I always fall asleep at the symphony. And it doesn’t help that I’m always oh so tired…

        But we are looking forward to it!

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