Hi, Hello, Bonjour, (my goodness its been a while)

First things first, both me and the kids survived Royce’s weekend away; and Royce survived my weekend away (with a little help from my friend Ashley Siers, I mean Ashley Burns — wait, what?).


sister wives helping each other out

A lot has happened in the past month (egads!) since I posted. And time is quickly moving towards Ingrid’s second birthday…I need a pause button. Or a slow-motion, maybe even rewind??

leg as truck ramp

Its been a good busy. Time spent with kids, friends, dates, traveling. So I’m not complaining.

spontaneous sunday supper with friends

Well I will complain about the work-busy because that is why you never here from me. Usually things aren’t moving at such a high clip for me at work but since October its been re-lent-less.  I finish one problem only to be handed another. The good thing is soon, I will be going ‘on detail’ for 120-days to acquire and challenge myself with (lets face it) new problems but at least it will be something different and hopefully allow me to have a bit more time to breathe. Right now I’m seeing it as what it is; a temporary hiatus from my day-to-day duties. I’ll decide after 120-days if I want to return to my current position or stay on…although I’ve made it pretty clear that if I am to return; I want new opportunity because what I’m doing right now will not cut it for much longer.  I know this sounds so all very vague, but I’ve come to the conclusion that 99.9% of people don’t know what I do in the first place so moaning on about the details of my new detail is likely to put you to sleep.  Bottom line: things are changing for me at work I’m not quite certain yet if its a right fit or not so stay tuned.

ingrid pulling out her best amelia earhart motorcycle pose.

Since I have such little time to myself the time I do have that’s not at work or with the kids has been divvied out very selfishly. I sew, I knit, I read, I stare at walls, I do what I want to do — and lately that hasn’t been sitting in front of my computer to download photos or blog.

Kelly Skirt

Me-Made-May’14 Day #1; Kelly skirt

I’ve unofficially via Instagram joined in on Me-Made-May 2014 however and have pledged to wear at least two hand made items a week. So far I’ve worn one each day but we are Day 3 of 31 so I’m blowing my pledge out of the water but I may not be so smug by Week #4. I have to get Ingrid’s birthday dress done prior to sewing anything additional for myself and time is starting to run out.

I hope to get some posts up soon chronicling my Paris trip and a very fun, refreshing date-day I just had with Sydney.

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