I know what is coming

And I’m not looking forward to it.

The past few days with Ingrid have been brutal. Foreshadowing, I’m certain of her ‘twos’ which are quickly approaching.

Typically Ingrid is a very happy, polite, agreeable child but the past few days she has been set off over little things.

wanting her cereal
….not wanting her cereal
wanting her toothbrush
….not wanting her toothbrush
throwing cereal
….throwing toothbrush

She is irrational, temperamental, moody, defiant, LOUD.

I feel like I’m walking on eggshells near a ticking time bomb afraid to ask the wrong question or do the wrong thing.

Of course this comes as Royce is about to jet off for a few days with his friends.

pray for me people.

pray to whatever higher being you believe in (or just to the toddler-Gods) that Ingrid isn’t as bad as Sydney was the other time Royce went on his spring break trip.

At least this time I was smart enough to book a sanity-sitter for Saturday and am taking the entire workday off on Monday.  Live and learn.


  1. I’m right there with ya, sister. We’re in the throes of the Threes with N over here, and it’s pretty much the same — defiance, tantrums, bossiness. It really throws you for a loop when the “easy,” pleasant child hits this stage. They’re supposed to be the sweet happy one forever! I’m taking her with me to a baby shower on Saturday. She’ll love dressing up and going to a party with all the big girls. Beyond that, we’ll see!

    • I know right? If you set a tone stick with it kids! I hope we are both pleasantly surprised with how the weekend turns out. We have a few things scheduled over the time he is gone as well. Now if this weather would just cooperate so they can go outside (supposed to rain all weekend — shoot me)…

      • Ugh, rain sucks. It’s supposed to be clear and warm here, thank goodness. I have yard work planned for most of the weekend — my kids love yard work. Entertains them for hours!

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