Ni Ni

Hot chocolate and window light.

hot chocolate

Ingrid has a name for her sister and it is “NiNi”.  She asks for NiNi often…points to her, loves her, chases after her. Everything is NiNi, everything that isn’t Ingrid’s of course (which is most things right now). Sydney called herself “neigh neigh” for a long time before she could get the “s” and “d” part attached correctly so NiNi is really quite appropriate. We’ve even taken to calling her NiNi which likely isn’t helping Ingrid figure out how to properly say Sydney, but why speed up cuteness? Lets linger in this for a while shall we?

Bouncing off the walls and over your sister.

jumping over sister

It is fun to watch them play together. One doing one thing, the other doing exactly the same. Sydney is a great big sister, overly patient with Ingrid on things that in all honestly should require Ingrid to get punched. Syd has her moments of course…the pleasantries aren’t present all the time, that’s fairy-tale. For the most part though Syd does a good job looking out for Ingrid, and does a really good job telling me when Ingrid is being bad (like this weekend when Ingrid was throwing dirt from the deck planters into the dining room!).


swim lessons – starfish

We are still working a bit on Sydney’s emotional control and allocating the correct level of emotion to the situation.  It is a work in progress…some days are better than others. She does seem to respond better to our frustrations when we display authentic emotions. Ignoring, mocking, or dismissing her bad behavior hasn’t worked as she will just keep pushing your buttons. Some of the best turn around (bad days made good) we have had recently have been when I’ve really expressed my anger with her in straight forward ways instead of bottling it up and ignoring it which in hindsight would be hard for a 4-year old to interpret!


  1. Awww, that’s so sweet! I love that phase when they invent words and names for things. At that age, N called J “Gee-ba,” and did for quite a few months. A few months ago, we noticed that she didn’t call him that anymore and now uses his proper name. I asked her about it a few weeks ago, and she doesn’t even remember it now. That was bittersweet. But J still calls her Mei-Mei in addition to her proper name, and I suspect he always will. We use it to, so it’s reinforced, which is probably why it stuck. If you keep using Ni Ni and reinforcing that, I suspect it will become Ingrid’s permanent nickname for Sydney. She’ll have plenty of time to learn her proper name 🙂

    • I love the idea of family nick names. Supposedly I called Monica “dee” when I was a kid. Around the house Ingrid is known as “Ingy”.

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