Ingrid talking :: 2

Ingrid has moved on to the mimic phase of language development and she will at least try to say a word if you ask her to. Just the other day I asked her to say granola when she asked for some cereal and it honestly came out sounding like a very deliberate (but lengthy) “gra no luh a”.  Not bad indeed.

Right now I am only reinforcing words I would like her to learn. Simple things she often needs, like food and beverages. This AM we walked into the kitchen and she said “mama nahna” which I correctly interpreted as “Mama get me that banana!”. Juice, cheese and milk are also words she has down pretty well. She is still ever so polite with her dank-ooo’s that follow her requests.

Lately she has been using more of the two word sentences “mama boots”, “mama cup” (points to my wine glass), “mama shoe”, “daddy book” etc etc to describe things or ask for things.

Her singing has also started to string in nonsensical words when before it was just humming. Now we often hear all the words she can say in the tune of BaaBaa Black Sheep.



  1. Cute! N used to do that to the tune of the ABC song (or Twinkle Twinkle Little Star — not sure which she was thinking of). Imagine my surprise one day when I realized that she was starting to say the alphabet instead of nonsense!

    • Ha! Ya for some reason BaaBaa black sheep has been the first tune both of my kids have sung. Must be a popular song at school. 🙂

  2. I can’t wait to get a ‘dank ooo’ when I come to visit!!

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