winter :: sledding

This winter has felt long, and we are barely half way through! Winter with small kids is hard. Even Sydney can’t hack being out to long in the cold. The time it takes to bundle everyone up is indirectly proportional to the amount of time you will spend outside playing before someone gets to cold. I find the mittens for kids to be awful at  keeping hands dry and warm, so the outdoor-time-bomb is usually how long it takes for Syd to complain that her hands are cold.


The girls got a sled for Christmas so Friday’s snow was an exciting time around here. No longer was snow just something we stood in and made snowmen out of, it was something that we could be tugged around on and gleefully plummet down a hill on (OK more like a mild incline). Even though it was bitterly cold Royce bundled up the girls on Friday and toted them around our driveway and street on their sled. It was adorable.  Ingrid was infatuated.

On Saturday, after a brief stint at the library I took both of the girls to the park to try out some real sledding. We found ourselves a small little incline and set forth. I pushed them down and hoped for the best. Ingrid was getting a bit fussy so I was surprised when I got to the bottom that she signed for more. We did a few more rounds but after Ingrid face planted into snow the sledding adventure was pretty much over (it lasted for about 15 mins in-case anyone was timing us)

Today, after ballet class Syd and I ventured out on our own and left Ingrid at home with the babysitter. The snow is almost melted but there was enough on our mild incline to have some fun. She even figured out how to walk her sled back up the hill and push herself back down.


We also enjoyed a turn around the park with Mommy pulling. I needed to get a workout in after all…even though today is technically a rest day. I can’t wait to take these girls skiing. I don’t know if its the winter Olympic advertisements or what, but I’m aching to go skiing. Or maybe I’m just aching for a boozy, warm, apres ski. Either way, I’m looking forward to winters ahead when being cooped up in the house doesn’t have to be status-quo.



  1. That smile from Syd in the video where she slid down the hill by herself is just precious!!

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