Merry Holidays 2013


2013 was a whirl wind… as years typically go when the kids are so young. It is hard to feel stable when so much changes within 12-months.


12-months ago Ingrid wasn’t even crawling and now she is running and talking!  12 months ago I was still breast feeding (seriously 6-months ago I was still breastfeeding…seems like it has been years)!  I think the overwhelming chaos of 2013 hit me when I was putting together our Christmas card (I was inspired by and frankly stole the concept from these creative people).  Putting it together was no easy feat, but I’m thankful for social media for reminding me of all we did in 2013…without Facebook I think I would have remembered precisely nothing. From a year where I felt mostly bogged down with work and drowning at home and feeling like in general we didn’t do much, I found by reviewing the year in pictures (and in status updates) we did quite a bit. We slowly grew as a family, we stayed local, we ate, we drank, we celebrated, we took on new opportunities, we took selfish grown-up vacations, and copiously enjoyed the company of friends both local and far-away.


I’m never one for resolutions for the New Year. If 2014 is anything like 2013 we will have done well. I am looking forward to taking our first family vacation in February (we haven’t taken one just the 4 of us yet!) and maybe we can add some get-a-ways this summer to the NC or local beaches now that Ingrid is older. I hope I can find more time to sew. I would like to make something for myself that I actually like and think is flattering to my body. I need to continue making stuff for the girls too as they love their mom-made clothes. If I can get myself organized I’d also like to try tackling something for Royce…but that may need to wait til 2015!


I do hope I can stay in fit and in shape in 2014 and maybe find something new to challenge myself physically. I’m also on the look out for new career moves, as 2014 will mark 10 years for me at the agency.

I also plan to be a bit more present here on the blog. Sharing the little things the kids do, updating you with new recipes we may try, and documenting life through words and photos.  Have a Happy 2014!


  1. I loved the Christmas Card this year (not that I didn’t like the others too), but just looking at all the hashtags, it made me hungry, and thirsty, and respective, and . . . . . exhausted!! Makes one wonder, how all that can happen in one year, yet it does. Can’t wait to see what this next year brings!!

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