Christmas 2013


December is such a busy month.  Between holiday parties, end-of-year work deadlines and the extra stuff that goes along with Christmas (present buying, holiday meal planning) it can make the holiday less merry. We do not travel for Christmas so that is one less thing to stress about thankfully.  It seemed like the Holiday snuck up on us this year since Thanksgiving was so late. I found myself buying presents five days before Christmas Day (thank goodness for free 2-day shipping!).


I think every year that I’m going to get my shopping done well before the Holiday but it never happens.  I do hope that next year I can be more organized.


The festivities started early in December with our neighborhood Santa Visit.  I didn’t take Syd last year because she was downright scared of the fat-man in the red suit and I frankly was overcome with exhaustion and didn’t have the energy to take her and Ingrid by myself.  Amazingly this year Sydney was the first kid to approach Santa (he had candy so that helped), but you can see from the head tilt and arm placement that she is very apprehensive of the situation.


The mama’s were not afraid of Santa though!  We felt like we needed to give the old man some love after all that kid rejection.


When we returned home that night from the Santa visit, there was a present from Santa on our front porch!  He sent an Elf to keep watch on Sydney and Ingrid.  Sydney named our Elf sparkle.  Sparkle was a fun addition to our holiday. Sydney enjoyed looking for her each morning as each night Sparkle usually flew around the house.  Sparkle is back at the north pole though now…she will return next year.


Christmas morning was super fun.  The kids dug into the presents immediately and had enjoyed ripping paper and opening boxes.  Syd got an Ariel doll from Santa and Ingrid got a bus.  Both were big hits. From us Ingrid got a music set and Sydney got more ponies. They each also got a book from Santa.


The rest of our day was lazy hazy time of play and rest.  More pictures of our Holiday are up on Flickr!


  1. Sounds like a successful holiday! We have that bus — J used to love it, especially the song it plays. Happy holidays!

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