Syndey’s 4th Birthday Party

Very late in posting this…

Syd had two parties this year. One for school early in the month and another more low-key one here at home. The one for school was combined with two of her classmates who also have November Birthdays and was mostly limited to her classmates (from our end at least some of the other kids invited others).


This keeps us from having to fill all of the November weekends with separate parties which seems to be all the rage (but we usually do not attend because I have my limits with over-scheduling ourselves).  The school combo-party was held at a local place called “JumpZone” which was filled with a bunch of bounce-house like devices. The kids bounced giddily for hours. Then they crammed us in this tiny room for pizza and cake. By the time all was said and done Royce and I needed about 2 martini’s each to unwind.


The party we had here at home was the day after Syd’s birthday and we incorporated into our ‘Suppers of Chaos’. After the Friday night summer pool-party let down we decided to start SoC.  Each Friday night one of 4 families hosts and they do all the cooking (we have a few rules but mostly its up to the host) and we just descend upon them with you guessed it…. chaos (and wine). Sometimes all of us attend, other times only some of us can make it. Regardless it does make Friday nights, which can be so very hard with kids in the cold boring winter, more fun and well chaotic!


No themes this year…just pizza, cake and friends.  But when you host 8 adults and 10 kids its always good to keep things simple.


Ingrid was rather fond of the cake.  It wasn’t anything fancy; just simple boxed cake mix with homemade icing and as requested  — sprinkles.  I’m not sure what she is scowling at in this picture but it makes me crack up.  Don’t mess with Ingy’s cake!!


Sydney had a blast, we did too. So grateful for our neighborhood friends who can help us celebrate these yearly milestones in fun fashion!!


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