Ingrid “18 month” stats

Ingrid had her 18-month visit at the pediatricians December 4th…and I (along with my stooopid job) am the only excuse its taken this long to get her stats updated.

2013-11-27 18.38.16.jpg

Since her “15-month” (she was really almost 17-months) visit she gained less than a pound weighs in at 22.6 lbs (18%).  She grew a whole inch though, and is now 33.25 inches tall (81%).  And her head didn’t grow at all but it doesn’t need to, she already has a huge noggin — she is wearing hats that fit Syd. (49 cm; 98%).  She is still a healthy eater when she wants to eat.  I don’t think it’s a picky food thing cause when she doesn’t eat she just plain won’t eat…even what I would consider to be her ‘favorites’ (cheese, yogurt, fruit).


thanksgiving round two (stealing off Daddy’s plate)

I think her next update won’t be til 2-years (gah!)…but I likely should check on that with the pedaitrican as it seems we are failing this child and her well-visit schedule.

Other than her stats, Ingrid is still the silly coy happy child. She is picking up on signs really fast so we have been introducing more to her each day. She has had a big problem with seperation anxiety lately — even when we drop her off at daycare — which has been hard to stomach. We’ve started sending a ‘comfort’ item from home and we get a report of how many ‘hits’ she has to take from her bunny each day. Kinda funny :). Thankfully her bunny-hits have been decreasing these past few weeks.

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