This post is sorely over due.  Sweet Ingrid turned 18-months on November 12th.

2013-09-22 18.20.09-1.jpg

I’m guilty of the second child photo neglect.  Sydney had galleries of nearly every month documented.  Not so much for Ingrid. 😦  I have done a good job of documenting daily life on my phone, it’s just getting those pictures from the phone to the web that I’m lazy about.  One of these days it will happen though.

2013-10-02 07.17.34-2.jpg

Ingrid’s personality is so distinct and different.  She is a very curious child, mischievous, patient, silly, inquisitive.  Her mood is generally happy and positive.  She is starting to exert a bit more of her self-identity in things by demanding things are hers by screaming “Myyyyiiieeee!” when she wants something or see’s something that is hers. She loves to do what Sydney is doing and watches Sydney with great intent.  She is a watcher and observer.  She is more than content sitting up on the counter and watching me cook supper or baking.  Ingrid is friendly, she loves to wave at strangers and get their attention.

2013-10-09 07.17.22.jpg

Ingrid loves to put things in bags or containers and take them back out again. She can sit for quite a while pretty focused on this task. She likes things that make noise and once she gets them in her container she will shake it about then dump it all out and repeat.

2013-11-17 13.23.18.jpg

Her talking is still pretty ridiculous nonsense at this point. She has Mama and Dada down. She tries to say Ingrid but it comes out NiNi.  Of course there is No and Mine.  She sings the tune of baa-baa black sheep which is about as adorable as things can get. She must have a propensity towards music because she sometimes will just start bouncing up and down to the rhythm if she hears a catchy tune.  Her understanding of words is pretty high though. I can ask her a simple question and she can either shake her head yes or no or point to the item I’m asking for or talking about.

2013-11-27 16.30.43-1.jpg

Her separation anxiety was delayed and has hit now. Whenever we leave for a night-out with a sitter she flips out once the sitter arrives.  We had a friend over for supper the other night and Ingrid was suspicious of her the entire time since she was a female and we tend to disappear when single females come over. It took her the better part of an hour to figure out that we were not leaving and in fact this new woman wasn’t going to babysit.


Ingrid is a dare-devil. She is much more bold than Sydney was on getting herself into trouble.  She climbs up onto things using any method possible (sometimes even Charlie as a step stool).  I’ve turned my back to find her standing on the kitchen table, or on a toy or an end table.  When she is caught she just smiles and laughs so she knows she is up to no-good.  Silly girl.

2013-11-16 16.16.06.jpg

She is still a thumb sucker. Some days she just needs to have her blankey and her thumb and that’s OK.  She loves to snuggle up with you on days she isn’t feeling well or when she is tired. Those moments are some of my favorite.

2013-11-17 13.19.35-2.jpg

Her 18-month check-up isn’t until next week so I will update her growth stats then.


  1. So nice to have an easy, pleasant #2! N was like that too and it was such a nice change 🙂


  1. […] had her 18-month visit at the pediatricians December 4th…and I (along with my stooopid job) am the only excuse its […]

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