Mermaid Dress

I’ve had this fabric for months but a pattern hasn’t inspired me. I was wanting something with long sleeves and most of the dress patterns I have on hand are sleeveless which means we would have to layer them for the winter.


Syd has been patiently waiting for me to make something from this fabric and would and often came down to my sewing room to look at the fabric and ask me when I would make her a dress.  I saw a tunic length version of O+S Class Picnic Blouse pop up on the O+S Flickr Group and it inspired me to do something similar.  I’ve had the Class Picnic Blouse pattern on hand for years and it really is such a simple classic styling, it almost makes me wish I would’ve used it for Ingrid’s 6-month photo shoot top!


It went together rather simply and quickly.  I barely had to look at the instructions as I worked through assembly.  I did a few things differently when constructing the front and back yoke because I used piping.  Next time, if I’m making a dress length, I will cut the dress front and back on the fold and set it back an inch or two from the fold so that there would be more fullness to the dress. I would also not draft the added length straight down from the rectangular sides, but instead I will give it a bit of shape because my first version looked very night-gownish*. I solved this (I hope) by lopping off about 6 inches from the length and adding a ruffle tiered hem which makes it look very mermaid-ish in styling if you ask me.


Syd insisted on wearing it this morning to ballet class and the weather was so nice out no coat was needed so we snapped a few pictures while we were downtown.

Pattern: Oliver + S Class Picnic Blouse (modified length and added side-seam pockets and ruffled hem) size 3T
Fabric: Michael Miller’s Out To Sea Mermaid Play in Blossom Pink

* This pattern would make a perfect girls night-gown it has enough ease to function perfectly…which I may use someday once footie-toes aren’t so popular around here.


  1. Very cute — and it looks like she loves her dress! Can’t put a price on that. It almost makes up for having to sew with cheesy fabric!

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