Cat and Mouse


I took today off work so you actually get a timely blog post!  Halloween was chaotic, but fun!


The girls loved their costumes and Syd did so well with trick-o-treating.  She is really shy but still managed to mumble “trick-or-treat” and gave a polite “thank you” too.  We have a little work to do on the assertiveness, but she was independently walking up and having a grand time.


Even Ingrid did pretty good with the entire ordeal, considering the chaos, and the darkness, and the hour.


Syd helped me decide this year what they would be.  Thankfully, given my lack of time to sew, she kept it simple. I can’t even remember what the other options were… We seem to be on an animal theme trend around here which is fine with me. There is plenty of time for mermaids, princesses, superhero’s, and other commercially marketed creatures…I will keep the cute and simple suggestions while they are still offered!


I drafted Syd’s costume off of a dress she had and Ingrid’s came from a pattern I had on hand from a few years ago when Syd was a monkey.  Both of the caps are the cozy winter hood from Oliver + S Little Things to Sew, I just self drafted mouse and cat ears instead of bear ears.  More pictures are on flickr!


update: Syd and Ingrid’s costumes were featured on the Oliver + S Halloween Wrap-up Blog.  Feeling famous!


  1. Darling costumes! The princess was inevitable at our house — N dresses up like a princess most days when it’s NOT Halloween! Though Halloween was special, she was a super princess, or a princess ballerina. Depended on her mood when we asked 🙂 Glad you guys had a great holiday!

    • Ha! Too cute. Now that I think of it we have no dress up stuff here… They have it at daycare but I’ve never inquired as to what she choses to be 🙂

      • We inherited most of ours from a friend but the kids LOVE playing with them. I’m thinking of adding to them for Christmas. Maybe some doctor lab coats and the like.

  2. May I borrow your cat and mouse photo for a Halloween wrap up on the Oliver + S blog? If it’s ok, please drop me a quick note to give your approval: liesl at lieslandco dot com Thanks!


  1. […] to Sew. This hood is turning into Halloween staple at our house.  Syd and Ingrid STILL wear their cat and mouse hoods on cold days from last years Halloween.  I’m not sure how much repeat wear the bat hats will […]

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